A black crow waits for me in a barren field
Atop a rusted-out school bus
With a daisy in his teeth -

I go to him earnestly.

There is a difference between
A mercenary and a serial killer

A mercenary will distance themselves
To end

A serial killer will immerse themselves
To kill

Every time I Shut my Eyes
I Hear them - The Birds that is
They Shriek and Howl
For their own Enjoyment
Oh - and I do mean
Their own - they cannot seem
To silence their looming Voices
To quiet their bustling tongues
For anyone
So I snatch a pillow from the shelves
And Smother my head in it
To lessen the Din
The horrible wretched Din
That issues from these terrible beaks
The Birds are calling
And I escape to figments
Of my Flight of Fancy.

Blow your whistle

Everybody's got to gather

Let daddy state his last words

Then down - down - with his shaggy head

And have death collect him

After sissy's had her chance

To see him off

And mother holds his gun

With tears in her eyes

'Cause she had her bullet

And she didn't spend it

And now daddy's gone - gone

Daddy's gone

And the bandit slipped away

So many minutes before

When daddy still could've caught him

Now daddy's gone - gone

My daddy's gone.

I bumble and I buzz

Yet nothing comes out

My speech is cobbled

And upturned by Daisies

There on the open field

Adjacent to my beeting-

Heart - which fumbles

At its pulse - Such

Pretty heads they have

Those Daisies of the field

They splayed their blooms

For my grand view

And I am left - a Bumbling fool.

No legs beneath me

No arms so I may lean

No bones to break my fall

Only organs within my

Mucilaginous body

No frame to designate

A stance to commit to

The ground has his way with me

And I cannot consent

My lips are shut and glued with

Caramelized blood

My entity is moralized

Stuck to the swinging blades

Of Eternal inquiry

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