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Hello, Fediverse! My name is Brandon. I have been blogging since 2008. I write about productivity, technology, books, religion, coffee and tea, and Texas. I joined Mastodon to share my work and learn from other writers, but also to escape Twitter, which has proven to be useful for neither of these things. You can find my blog at

Hay algo que extraño de los «tiempos aquellos» en los que no había Internet. Cuando alguien publicaba algo entonces, había muchísimo trabajo detrás: escritor, revisor, editor, corrector de estilo, etc. Hoy cualquiera publica lo que quiera.

¡Y está bien!… pero tampoco tanto. Muchos adoptaron su derecho a publicar lo que quieran, pero olvidaron que también tienen la responsabilidad de publicar adecuadamente. Toda la desinformación que hay hoy es una mera consecuencia de todo ello.

Supercharging my experience by pinning hashtag columns! It's like a digital on my big monitor.

Here's how:
1. Search for a word using the search bar in left column
2. Click on a result in the hashtag section to view in the dynamic column
3. Click the settings button in the upper right of the dynamic column and check 'pin'
4. A new dynamic column should open automatically on the right
5. Organize columns using the < > buttons also in settings

We need columns too!

Last week was good! Monday was a holiday, but I was able to post blog entries on each of the four workdays. This week? Not so much. Lots of research and a little bit of outlining, but no entries even drafted yet. Did some maintenance today instead of writing.

Still focused on exploring . I’ve started posts about several kinds of , including & journals. Really hope to get those written, edited and published this week!

This. Get rid of the patent system. I'm serious. I believe it does way more harm than the little good it does.
We can get money collected for medical research. We can't get money collected to overthrow the governments that enforce patents. (Hint: they own the money 😅)

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Welcome to Libreture all you new readers!

You're joining thousands of other users who have created their own personal online libraries from their ebook, digital comic & magazine collections!

question for the folk in the Fediverse: how do you feel about some granting permission to distribute ashes today in lieu of ? This has happened in some areas due to cancellations during the snowstorm. For / against / indifferent, and why?

god it feels so weird that a bunch of terminally-online mastodon folks are liking and boosting a post about the internet being bad for mh lmao. I don't think I'm gonna leave the internet but I need to seriously redefine my relationship with it....again. I feel that every time I find something better, there are parts about it that are always the same.

Hey Mastodon! I've been bragging about you.

In today's post, I relate my and experience thus far, especially in comparison with other platforms. Biggest takeaway IMHO? Your instance matters...a lot!

Speaking of instances, if my fellow would like to send me , I'd be very appreciative.

Not knowing who my followers are, how many I have, and not knowing any metrics on favourites and boosts here on the fediverse has massively improved my online experience. I highly recommend it.

Are more likely than to in a as opposed to a ? Aren’t they essentially the same thing? and their are interesting, especially when you start to understand how they impact .

Currently “Holy Cow” by David Duchovny, who I did’t know was an author until recently. Sixty pages in. So far, so good.

"Are you having hot chocolate or coffee?" she asked.

"Coffee, please." I replied.

"Are you sure? It's snowing. Hot chocolate and snow kinda go together."

I had to give her that, but then my thoughts snapped sharply to the ubiquity of coffee and its contributions to the progress of mankind.

"Yes, but coffee goes with everything...from petting the kittens on the back porch to...well...war."

Sitze im Taxi in Istanbul und höre Radio. (Gleich gehts nach Amsterdam.) | Drive & Listen

There is on the ground in . It is not a day to venture out, as Texans are notoriously bad about driving in this kind of . It’s a good day to some of those on the shelf and to drink some warm and/or . Who’s with me?

Who out there listens to the by Sarah Rhea Werner? It’s a show for professional and aspiring about as a . She has some really good and . Over 100 episodes! Highly recommended.

When you feel like you have nothing left to say, nothing left to about that hasn’t already been written, remember that the real isn’t novelty, but to deliver timeless messages to a new in a novel way. This is not new and you are not alone.

Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us.
( 1:10)

Quick questions for those who (have at least attempted to) keep a diary: how important is it to in your diary ? Were you taught to do this as a ? Do the words and have different meanings or evoke different or for you?

Just doing some random searching on Mastodon tonight and ended up in comic book land. I can’t believe that a search on the hashtag yielded zero pics of the original . Thank you so much, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, for providing hours upon hours of -tainment over the years. [And I weep for what has become of your magnum opus.]

A small Café near me has these reusable, rentable cups instead of single-use cups. Basically you register with an app and then can take the cup with you and later return it to the same store or any other store that supports the system.

I'm not a fan of the App part, but otherwise this seems like a good alternative to single-use cups. Of course you could also just buy a reusable cup and take it everywhere!

#coffee #onthego #reusable #safeplastic #environmentfriendly
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