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Hello, Fediverse! My name is Brandon. I have been blogging since 2008. I write about productivity, technology, books, religion, coffee and tea, and Texas. I joined Mastodon to share my work and learn from other writers, but also to escape Twitter, which has proven to be useful for neither of these things. You can find my blog at

Greetings all! It's been a while. Sorry, but I've been busy. Lot's going on. Good news, though! I finally published my GTD 2021 post! Boosts and feedback are appreciated.

More to come regarding Bullet Journaling, but in the meantime, enjoy!

April's Blog Plan has been posted. I have some new posts to write, including a crossover post with & . I'm picking up where I left off years ago with my review of Book 1. Also, some more and pieces, and rounding things out with another type review and the last summary regarding .

For details:

Continuing my survey of and types, I posted my overview of Ryder Carroll’s ( for short). I use one myself, so the research was easy. Enjoy!

BTW, a few of the selections I had chosen for my Challenge are no longer available. Any suggestions beyond what I’ve already reviewed? The coffee doesn’t actually have to be from Texas, but it does need to include “pecan” in the name. Thanks!

March has been a busy month! I still found time to though. I’ll be posting a new plan for April in the next few days. One thing I love about is that I can build diversity into my posts.


Longing for the Louvre? The Museum Just Uploaded Over 75 Percent of Its Fabled Collection to a Browsable New Online Database.

The database includes looted items recovered from Germany in 1945 that are waiting to be restored to the families.

Spent the evening setting up a Jekyll site on GitHub based on Simple.css from the excellent @kev

Catholic Theology 

Of all the I've reviewed, the fragments of have taken the longest to unpack. I didn't think a document so short would require so much research! Mysterious, very popular, and eye-opening.

Ever ask why the teaches the perpetual virginity of despite the claim that Jesus had brothers? Were you told that it is ? This is an early part of that tradition.

Has anyone messed with the Sidekick browser yet? It seems like an interesting project. It's chromium fork with a focus on productivity. Talks the talk, privacy-wise. It really emphasizes web apps (even calls itself an "OS"). It's kinda gimmicky, but depending on what you're looking for in a browser, it might be worth looking into though.

I’ve heard that you can follow accounts from other platforms on the from . Yesterday, I decided to test this and started following a on . I’ve already received a toot announcing the release of an episode. This Fedithing is growing on me.

Coffee Poem 

Bean Burial
March 12, 2021

my coffee is a pyramid
my coffee is a tomb
I buried chocolate in it
now mocha flowers bloom

they said to eat my vegetables
they said to eat my meat
to stuff myself on fruits and grains
but to coffee I retreat

o let me sup with dignity
with cream, or cinnamon
or black, so black, so very black
delight in silent doom

o pause of death I shall not fear
for every level cheers
coffee bottom, coffee top
coffee forever here

and when they weigh my soul again
onto the feather side I’ll lay
inverted mountainous refrain
the coffee that I’ve consumed

no fear of death have I
nor resurrection, not beside
a comfort to my well stained soul
drowned on joyous ride

* * *

#poem #poetry #coffee

"When the general minister and the rest of the universe toiled for this day's work..."

I hope Google Translate produces coherent results for other languages. The irony: Latin is "dead". It doesn't change. This should be cake for the great oracle of the Internet.

Another gem:

"The statutes of the individual, and also, privileges, and rights which the singulars, in which families and the individual in private, they used a the pleasure of dwelling, and none at all that is the difference..."


@brandonsnotepad Society holding people accountable sounds good in theory, but a few problems arise in practice. First of all, it gives the power to the collective "culture" aka whatever the majority or loudest minority believes is right and just in the moment. What happens to an individual's right to free expression and a defense? What happens when what's socially "right" changes? Secondly, it doesn't allow for repentance, forgiveness, or mercy. How does that lead to positive growth for anyone?

New #blog post: “A look at search engines with their own indexes”.

Most “alternative” search engines to the big three (Google, Bing, Yandex aka GBY) just source their results from GBY. I took a look at 30 search engines with their own crawlers/indexers to find actual alternatives.

It isn’t new.
It isn’t .
It certainly isn’t .
Some say it isn’t even real!

Currently seeking on any or all of the above statements. Thinking about a post on the topic.

The guy who did my vaccine shot today was an IT grad; jobs being what they are in my area, he got a job as a vaccine tech (he did a great job, too) because he needed the work

He doesn't know it, but he's living the dream. Everyone who works in IT wants to stab people, he gets to actually do it!

for March has just been published. It's going to be a busy month! One big benefit of my posts in this way is that I can build in some balance between the various topics.

I renovated the . I think visitors were getting caught up in the endless scroll of full-text posts and missing the main menu altogether. Hopefully the changes resolve those problems. I still haven't decided if is a valid element or not, but I'm rolling with it.

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