Really enjoying this book so far. Hope you can join us in London, but we'll also be doing an online event in September, so stay tuned 😊

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End of Bias: on "outgroup homogeneity" and how blame is ascribed to individual illness in the majority, but to group membership in the minority.

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Categories of the 346 books I've read and remembered to log in Goodreads

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"Methodological and Epistemic Differences between Historical Science and Experimental Science" (2002)

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Today I recorded a video of me thinking aloud about Evolution, Historical/Experimental Sciences, gradualism/catastrophism

Gell on magic and play. Cf Luhrmann


Loving How God Becomes Real (2022) so far, a brilliant book by the brilliant We read When God Talks Back (2012) for my book club and it had a pretty profound effect on my everyday consciousness. In a roundabout way it's what led me to meditation.


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