Hi everyone! I'm moving over from @bkam.

I'm in my third draft of my first novel, which is a sprawling novel of ideas (a "loose baggy monster") set in modern London — or at least 2019 London, before some unspecified catastrophe, which I'm now worried seems too on-the-nose.

I found editing tough during lockdown, so I began writing on , step-changes in complexity, and other topics which you can find here:

Look forward to meeting you!

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@lowbrow Thank you! I too am a Linux user and was once a sysadmin...

@bryankam Excellent. :) I love my job in supercomputing, it pushes my Linux skills pretty hard in (usually) fun ways. And as a former content writer they lean on me for documentation, which at keeps me writing at least a little bit professionally. I'm also a big advocate of personal journaling, for aspiring pro writers and amateurs alike. Nice to meet you.

@lowbrow That sounds awesome! I used to write documentation too. What's your journaling look like? I've done half an hour a day handwritten for most of this year (maybe missed a handful of days), which I think I'll be happy about later on, given how much has happened. Nice to meet you too!

@bryankam :)

My journaling is relatively intermittent with no set schedule, but I tend to do a brain dumps between roughly 3-8 pages at a time, or until I feel I've said what I want to say for the moment. I'd like to set more of a routine myself, but time always seems to be at somewhat of a premium... Always busy.
I use bound paper journals, and write with a fountain pen whenever possible so I can experiment with different inks. I'm currently partial to either rich blues or deep reds!

@lowbrow Ahh nice! Yeah I write 1-2 A4 pages each time, depending on how hard I have to think in that half hour. I find some types of writing come very easily, others I'm just sitting there thinking half the time.

I write with whatever pen is to hand, but try to alternate colours by days. When I was using fountain pens, I really liked this diamine brown they had.

Do you have an issue with ink drying? Often I'd like to write faster, I try to blot with another paper but still smudge things.

@bryankam My journal is about A5 size, so page counts are a little misleading ;)

I think my favorite ink that I never use is Herbin's Hematite Rouge. It's utterly stunning, but gunks up your pen if you don't use it fast. I can't find anything easier to use in a similar red, but I have a de Atramentis Oriental Red that's close 2nd favorite. Pelikan 4001 royal blue is another; I'm hunting for waterfast inks with similar color now.

@bryankam Also re: ink drying - not too much of a problem for me, I'm a leftie so I already am a little adapted to writing slower to avoid dragging my hand through wet ink. I adopt an "under-writer" nib position that slows me down (writing from below the line with mostly downstrokes) and I'm overall a little more deliberate with my lettering than I am with ballpoints. The result is that usually by the time I'm ready to turn a page, everything is fairly dry already. That, and F or EF nibs. :)

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