1) Agree with the size of the CSS section — some users were talking about this on the forum if you're interested in joining the discussion:

Maybe an expandable text area would work?

2) Any clarification on what exactly isn't working on the CLI? Might be able to help here, especially if it's publishing to your blog from the CLI.

3) The tag should work on your blog now!

This is great feedback btw — thanks for putting it in a blog post!

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@cjeller Holy cow! I was just about to toot that the tag is working as expected. Haha. Thanks for the quick update!

The CLI would freeze on every command last night. It wasn't showing as authenticated but now I see that I am. Even though I am authenticated and it shows my blog, it won't show the posts which are published on the blog. It tries to show the local ones. Is there any way to point the CLI to a text file and publish the content of that text file to my blog instead of anon blog?

@thumb No problem! Ah got it — so the command to publish a text file to your blog will look something like this:

writeas publish -b the-blog-name --font serif

Let me know if that does the trick. Your post also makes me want to try out Apostrophe — seems like an awesome editor from doing a little bit of research!

@cjeller Yup! I found Apostrophe much better than the widely popular Quilter.

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