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If you send your friend Rebecca a message on Mastodon, is that

This account is going to go dead, probably permanently.

Really sorry about this.

See you never, probably.

Thanks for all the support.

Sorry it came to this.

The hottest places on Earth:
- The Sahara Desert
- Death Valley
- Kuwait City
- the Central line at 8:30AM on a weekday in July

had an idea for a very bizarre and very violent sequence in Rollerskater on the train yesterday so look forward to that in the coming months, friendos

“The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one,” he said.
The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one…

Please stop all of this
Strange fantasy
This is not who you are
Not who you want to be
Not who I want you to be
You were once so kind
Please remove these thoughts
Remove them from your mind
For they are a disgrace
To yourself and your family
If not, I'll have to make

"C, isn't Socks's ability just Bites the Dust from JJBA: DiU?"

An interesting point. If I may make a rebuttal, [points] SEAGULL! [jumps into cab] Quickly sir, take me to Aberdeen as quickly as your motor vehicle can take you. I shall pay you double

Has dropped out in East London for anyone else or is it just me?

Socks and K-Os enjoy a McDonald's milkshake. (Strawberry, obviously.)

Commissioned art from Absolutely adore the interpretation of the characters, especially K-Os.

taking a break from twitter for a bit for personal reasons.

thanks everyone

Rewatched "The Christmas Invasion". It's alright. The bit where the Doctor kills that bloke by throwing a satsuma at a control panel is REALLY silly, but David Tennant's performance is really good! Really sets up his version of character well, silly and dark

I think the best joke in The Malcontent of Mars might be the fact that Maxwell named his giant, evil spaceship after a f***ing Peter Gabriel song.

The next instalment of Rollerskater was inspired by a number of sources, including Penderecki's "Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima", Edvard Munch's "The Scream" and Edgar Wright's "Hot Fuzz".

MJ from MCU Spider-Man and K-Os would be good friends.

My word is law.

"The Parting of the Ways" is an absolute massacre of an episode.

On rewatch it kind of feels like we're just railroading towards Nine's departure and it's sort of anticlimactic.

Dinner is served!

Aberdeen Angus burgers on a sesame seed bun with Monterey Jack cheese and fried onions, accompanied by BBQ sauce.

Will let you all know if I've given myself food poisoning.

"Bad Wolf" is like the gold standard for wham episodes. I can only imagine how people reacted the first time it aired.

The third and penultimate arc of THE MALCONTENT OF MARS begins on Friday. We're getting steadily closer to the endgame.

I cannot guarantee the safety of your loved ones.

"Boom Town" is pretty clearly a "budget-saving" episode, but what it offers in terms of character development more than makes up for the relative lack of action. It's like a nice breather.

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