Maybe “the universe” means “everything that can possibly be, or happen” and that’s why there are multiple theories of the universe that can all be correct: As long as a theory describes a world of every possibility, it seems correct to us.

Everything important on a smart phone should be at the bottom, where your fingers are: the search bar in a web browser, for example. It would be better placed at the bottom of the screen.

Been writing 1.6k words for the last 18 days in a row. That’s 3/5 of my goal for this January. Then I’ll edit, moving into the second draft :: Nanowrimo formula

They say you should show, not tell. But to me it’s a little more nuanced: You should show more important things and tell less important things. Tell is as valuable as show.

You don’t just write a book that hits a nerve. Your book must first change the world that reads it—then it hits a nerve.

This is my 42nd birthday. Today I’m working on my 40th book. This year will be the year when my number of books written will be greater than my number of years lived. I hope to keep the books number larger than the years number from here on out.

Your creator builds things up. Your critic tears things down. You need both of these fully functional in order to make art.

I once heard someone say, “One idea does not a novel make.” That is a great piece of advice.

My first book got published seven years ago. Of the four family I was living with, two read it, one of those two had no comment, the other made one irrelevant remark—that was it. My publisher loved it. I learned again that I can’t count on my family to know me.

My writing contains a lot of sex. That’s because sex/love/mating/reproduction is the central feature of all life. What else could I possibly write about?

What I think about repetition: Fiction writers try to remove all repetition of words—when you read what they wrote, this lack of repetition comes across as writerly. If you leave in (or add) just a touch of repetition, it won’t sound like it was written by a writer (writerly).

(I learned this from a Tweep.)

An opera student says to her teacher: “What if I cannot make a particular sound?”

The teacher replies: “First, make yourself bigger than the sound.”

Knowing when and where to energize, and when and where to shluff of is all part of elegance.

When you’re doing creative/constructive work and doing it well, 99% of people will subconsciously thwart you. Your family, friends, workmates. Just because you became something they wanted to become..but didn’t. They’ve chosen something else—nothing of value whatsoever. Fuck ‘em. Make beautiful things because that’s the only thing there is to do.

Right before I die, I’m gonna throw down my last card like: I’m out!

I choose to look at it as some sort of religious escapade: to be as committed to writing as people are sometimes committed to religious aims: with conviction. Like: believe in it to the point you would die for it. If you do that, nothing can stop you.

As fledgling authors, we ask ourselves “Is anyone listening?” We wait and sometimes the answer is faint. But the answer underneath it all resounds: Yes, people are listening.

Day 8 of Little Baby Faulkner. Haven’t written a word. Depressed. Dinner smells good. Planning to write after that.

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