Do you still remember why you do what you do?

We lost our innocence
She whispered
Looking up with nostalgia at the airoplane flying

Cry of a baby
Into the void
Of the Not Anymore Understanding World

I feel insignificant

Quantum physics of
Figuring out why you're upset
You know and you don't know
Both simultaneously
Until you observe the problem

Golden leaves
Black rooks
Grey clouds
Infinite stillness

sudden revelation
quickly to be forgotten
salvation buried
under our own inflexibility

So much noise around
Ending my day in a park
Awareness of death

You're Zen in internet.
You're evil in realilty.
Throw that modem through the window and
See the world as it is.

Topless girl sunbathing on the other side of the small lake. Every young man knows exactly where to swim. I'm aroused.

He woke up in the night to the ultimate vision knowing that he'll forget it's essence in the morning.
He closed his eyes anyway.

I own things?

They have no market value, I don't use them, there's more of them I can remember in daily life.

Things own me.

I am a hoarder by nature.

slippery inspiration
muse my muse
right behind the corner
at best

Straight backed people
So beautiful
I don't realize till I see one

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