And another writing question (I'm skimming the surface with these until we know each other better): can you write in a cafe (or on a train or boat, for that matter)? I know people who can and do, I just cannot.

Recently rediscovered the joy of writing with a fountain pen (and can't see going back to anything else).

@dianalizia I use Notes and Scrivener. Notes I often write on my phone while running kids, then pull down via sync to my Mac to bake into Scrivener, which mounts to a drive out on iCloud and Dropbox. I use Pages for finer formatting to pdf or .docx. Exporting from Scriv to .epub is pretty nice. You can then revise the copy on your phone in Books, and reference your notes on Books on the Mac. Works great.

@dianalizia I like to *write* either with pen and paper or Markdown.

I'll format later. But for the actual writing, I like to keep it as simple as possible.

Here's a writing question: do you write in Word or use some special software like Scrivener or write long-hand or a simple text app on your phone or something else?

I use Word for paid pieces, Scrivener for fiction (it's just a psychological thing, to keep them separate in my head), and a paper notebook for notes.

I love this:

'I’m tired of fictional linguists who know all the things about all the languages, give me more linguists who are like “hmm, looks like Proto-Alpha-Centaurian, probably from the 28th century, which I don’t know anything about really, but I did meet this linguist who works on it back when I was a grad student and we get coffee every year at the galactic conference and you know I disagree with their entire theoretical approach but their data is very solid and they’re very supportive of their students, here’s their contact info, you can tell ‘em I sent ya.” '

What a fun quote: “If you tell people you’re a poet, people think you’re off your rocker,” she said. At certain points in her life, “it felt like telling someone I was a witch or something.”

What's everyone reading? I wanted to delve deeper into the Ukraine war so I decided to look to literature -- and specifically Andrey Kurkov's "Grey Bees" that I just started. The backdrop is Donbas, the protagonist a beekeeper.

A note made in Reykjavík a long time ago: "There's a difference between being interested and being interesting. When you live around Nature that could snuff you out in a moment, is demonstrably visually constantly larger than you, being more interested rather than trying to be more interesting is probably an excellent survival response."

Hey, still up.

I'm really trying to understand this being a human thing. Like . . . I know we're meant for better than this life we've created, but I can't help sinking back into old habits and following what our society dictates as "the right thing to do".

I want to wildly and vividly with , , and . I want to create space for healers of color and to act on instinct.

I know that's what is meant for many of us. So why is it so hard to do?

Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

I totally get this:
“The message we want to give is that Venice is a city that lives slowly, at different rhythms to anywhere else,” he said, “It’s fragile, unique, and needs an approach on the part of visitors that isn’t ‘go in, take a photo, and leave.'”

Travel seems to have lost its purpose with the mass tourism & social media combo. Maybe cities like Venice, or parts of cities, should charge entry fees if visitors treat them like museums. Thoughts?

This was not a random theft -- and, indeed, part of the robbery was filmed. The museum's just-appointed (Russian) director offers context, not just to this but to the protracted legal dispute over the return of Scythian artefacts from a Dutch exhibition -- a case that's fascinating and complicated for its legal and political ramifications.

Today I went to a bookstore to buy a birthday gift. There I was invited to draw a piece of paper out of a bag, my discount rate, take a bonus book in brown wrap, and enter my name for a raffle. ( I took another book for my birthday friend so he will think I am generous,)

" By gum, bookstores are almost as excellent here as they are in Seattle," thought I. Some 'paperwork ' was included in my purchase, a bookmark and a thank-you slip.

Turns out today is #CanadianIndependentBookstoresDay

¡Genial! I'm certainly happy to help you practice your English. Recuerdo mas que lo penso pero deber practicar mas. Es la grammatica (¡ay!, los verbos) que me hacer problemas.

I think the hardest adjustment for newcomers from Twitter is that here people engage in conversation not polemics. (I am cautiously waiting for the troll to drop, if I may paraphrase.) It's not about agreeing or disagreeing but about how you make your argument. Ah, mastodon civilisation.

Here's a dog begging to be walked!

[@guilevi photo of small, beige furry dog on its back asleep]

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