Totally unrelated. 

Gone are the days (not so far gone) when you could walk in the streets of Vancouver, chin up watching the birds, without fear of stepping into dog poop.
Is it the first sign of a civilization going down the toilet?

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Totally unrelated. 

@echoingfrog I visited Vancouver a couple years back and I do remember it being poopless. This is so far from Washington, DC, where dog poop is the kindest thing you can step in.

Totally unrelated. 

@sarahvhines yeah, when I arrived in Vancouver more than 10 years ago, I was so pleasantly surprised. Coming from France where, at least at the time, barely anyone was picking up after their dog, it was such a pleasure. But lately, it's really been getting worse. I'm not sure why... (It's for sure not nearly as bad as in other places, but still)

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