Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul. - Joyce Carol Oates

For a friend gone too soon

Within the depth of the night
Your spirit in limbos
Your heart, so big and kind,
Decided to let go.

Suddenly Rest in Peace
Feels awkwardly ironic.

And for we who remain
I wonder if the peace
As we fall into the void
Will ever fill the abyss.


@tanweerdar I just read a super interesting article about the rise of e-health and how finance and millionnaires are rushing into investing in it. And I can't help but think how the pandemic has greatly profited the rise of highly profitable (for the few 1%) digital services. I'm not saying those people invented covid, absolutely not, but I'm sometimes wondering if maybe a bit too much fuss was made around it to help give a push to those highly financially profitable services.

@tanweerdar yup, it's the same everywhere: make public services so bad while introducing private services offering a better service (at first) that people end up demanding privatization, thinking that's for the best. And then, once public service is destroyed, private services will start acting like any private service, increasing prices while lowering quality of service to make more and more profits. At the expense of people's safety depending on the kind of service (health, transport...).

Hidden behind my lens
Setting focus on your

When today you look back
I drown in deep waters

The armor is shattered
Suddenly I am seen

Catching up on

The Mystery of the Fallen Tree

Across the path
A fallen tree
Or is it a branch

Looking up around
Stride to a halt
Where from I ask

No visible stump
No visible wound
No recent storm
No known reason

And if you listen
You can hear the breath
Of the forest, still
Living through death


Un texte absolument indispensable ! Ça se lit tout seul, ça prendra seulement 10min de votre temps.
Un texte d'André Gorz publié en 1973 (!) qui nous montre à quel point la voiture, au lieu de nous avoir libérés, n'a fait que nous aliéner encore et toujours plus. Mais la réflexion va bien au-delà. Si seulement on pouvait en prendre de la graine pour réfléchir à l'agencement de nos villes.

"The Statement" by Crystal Pite kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Young's politically charged text perfectly performed by the actors. Choreography filled with humor, power and grace all at the same time. Stunning dancers. Owen Belton's sound score, Tom Visser's lighting and Jay Gower Taylor's set, all adding to the perfection of it all.
Pite, Young, Belton, Visser, Gower Taylor: the Holy Quinternity. Loved every bit of it!

Une nouvelle écrite en 2007, et retravaillée en 2021. Toute ressemblance avec une situation récente serait donc purement fortuite.


While we all hold an opinion on almost everything, how many of us actually do the work required to have an opinion?

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