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One of the best pieces of advice was from my Year Two teacher, on how to draw a bicycle: "Spend twice as much time _looking_ at it than drawing it".

I apply that to so many areas. More time listening than talking. More observing than doing. The outcome will always be better.

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How I review a paper:

1. Print paper
2. Bring paper with me everywhere so I can feel its presence
3. Stare at paper longingly from across room; so close but so far
4. Pick up paper, read first line, put paper down
5. Receive email from editor
6. Read 2x in 3hr and submit review

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Strategie-Wechsel: Pearson setzt für seine Lehrbuch-Inhalte in Zukunft auf echtes Digital-First-Publishing


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Frankfurt Cosplay - Welcome to Wonderland!
2019 gibt es Cosplay auf der ganzen Frankfurter Buchmesse! buchmesse.de/highlights/alle-h

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mein lieblings haiku-artiges Gedicht ist übrigens von Ruth Yarrow:

after the garden party:
the garden

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"To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time" - Leonard Bernstein

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Every time a bigot says something like "What's next, a disabled bisexual Snow White? Captain America as an indigenous furry? Transgender Hercules??" they are accidentally having the best idea of their life.

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Dieser hervorragende Kommentar lohnt sich! Toxische Begriffe demontieren demokratische Institutionen. twitter.com/georgloewisch/stat

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Was George Orwell in seinem angeblich so weitsichtigen Buch „1984“ nicht vorhergesehen hat, war die erste Single von Modern Talking, „You‘re my heart, you‘re my soul“.

„Tolle Leistung“, Herr Orwell.

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Vulnerability and jokes can help to build a supportive community online through writing.
“How do I write stuff that feels true?”: a Q & A with Jonny Sun

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Die Dreifelderwirtschaft der Geisteswissenschaften:

Spannungsfeld, Problemfeld und Themenfeld.

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Grateful for another day to grind for better tomorrows. I’m not where I want to be, but thankfully I’m not where I’ve come from.

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Indeed. Made me think. Like editors are supposed to do. twitter.com/ProEdStandards/sta

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spannender Bericht von Elena Kountidou (Konzerthaus Berlin) über ein Projekt mit -gestützter Kultur- und Musikvermittlung: Kinder konnten nach einer Doppelstunde u.a. Geige, Cello und Bratsche unterscheiden, viele waren vorher noch nie in einem Konzert

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Ticket for WCEurope ... is there anybody out there who likes to have this ticket or knows someone in Berlin who can´t afford it and would love to have it? @WCEurope@twitter.com twitter.com/photostroller/stat

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Thanks, @InkbotEditor@twitter.com, for this footnote to your signature for email list:

"Even professional editors fight a losing battle against typos in emails. If you spot one, consider it hard evidence that our brains just can't 'see' our own mistakes." bit.ly/2XgWBPQ

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Für die Einführung von „Hä?” als allgemein gültiges Korrektursymbol.

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geht in die nächste Runde!

Die Umfrage zu den verschiedenen Formen geschlechtergerechter Sprache auf ist online:

Bitte stimmt ab, damit wir wissen, wie geschlechtergerechte Sprache in Zukunft formuliert werden soll/kann.

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