Spent the morning with Hockney at Salts Mill. Fell in love with a tree 😍

When I started co-working at Good Space in Commercial Union House we knew that one day it would be knocked down. Four years later they finally did it and this is all that remains

Up and out for a walk before the Bank Holiday crowds. Lovely and fresh after last night’s downpour

Sunny morning run before the rest of the world gets up = a good start to a long weekend

Running through a field of cows in the middle of the city still feels like a novelty

For me Bank Holidays are about baking and beer. Bonus points this weekend for baking with beer. Spiced stout hot cross buns on the menu today 😋

For a fleeting moment this afternoon the sun reflecting off the crackle glaze on this little pot made a beautiful pattern that reminded me of marbling

Spotted my first snowdrops in the park today and was pleased to see the friendly bullfinches are back.

Roll on Spring.

More storm damage in the local parks. Grateful to have been able to stay indoors yesterday after hockey was cancelled because the goals kept blowing over!

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