@dajbelshaw oh I completely agree. Best enjoyed from the comfort of your own living room

@dajbelshaw saw your Noel recommendation and earmarked that for after close of play at the cricket. There’s so much to catch up on, need to have a dig around iplayer

A chair collapsed underneath me today. Now I find myself viewing all chairs that I approach with suspicion

Human beings are like jazz musicians; always improvising.

Fortuitous to be in the car with 6Music on the radio yesterday to catch Herbie Hancock on The First Time with Matt Everitt bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00188pk

Spent the morning with Hockney at Salts Mill. Fell in love with a tree 😍

@davesmyth The Creative Independent is one of my favourite places on the internet. There's so much gold in their archive, thanks for sharing this one

@davesmyth hey Dave, just responding to your call to say hello. I've dipped in and out of mastodon for a few years and come back to it more consistently recently. Finding the right instance for me has definitely helped with that. I'm also noticing that as I spend more time here I'm far less active on the bird site

Finished reading: The Locals by Jonathan Dee 📚
Found this massively underwhelming, if not irritating. Dee seemed to start lots of plot lines and then just let them trail off. About two thirds through I asked my wife if anything happened before the end, she said yes… it did not. micro.blog/books/9781472151940

When I started co-working at Good Space in Commercial Union House we knew that one day it would be knocked down. Four years later they finally did it and this is all that remains

Got my watercolours out today and enjoyed getting a feel for the brushes again. Realised this may be the first time I’ve painted as an adult! It won’t be the last 🎨

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Up and out for a walk before the Bank Holiday crowds. Lovely and fresh after last night’s downpour

What a morning of cricket! Delighted for local lad Matthew Potts on his debut. Trying not to get ahead of myself though; difficult to tell from the radio whether we’ve been good or NZ aren’t up to scratch… and have to wait to see how we bat 😬🏏

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