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Still publishing my ambient music experiments each week. This one I particularly like as background music to focus.

Tasks that present unexpected challenges then are straightforward to complete once you have a clear strategy and the right tools are the most satisfying. Emma 1 : Sofa 0

Here’s how my afternoon is shaping up: dismantling a sofa and trying to follow 10 football matches all at once. How about you?

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what is this movie 

it's a heist movie where the first half of the movie is the heist as imagined where everything goes right, and the second half is the heist in actuality when things go wrong

Currently reading: I Didn’t Do The Thing Today by Madeleine Dore 📚

You’ll know on the first page if this book is for you. Summary: I don’t have the answers, there’s no one way to do things, it’s about experimenting and finding what works for you. Bingo!

Today I danced in the sunshine, invented a game in 2 minutes (called Pointless Popping Pirate Personas) and realised I need to redraw the edges of my comfort zone

I’ve always wondered whether this could happen with wordle and the myriad spin offs. Today’s the day!

Framed #63
🎥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛

First day I’ve seen the house martins back playing between the terraces so I’ve downloaded this for my journey this evening

Want to get better at logging the films I’m watching and thinking of connecting Letterboxd to Curious what workflow others use for this 🍿🎥

Currently reading: A Thousand Moons by Sebastian Barry 📚

Back to fiction today with one of my favourite authors.

The more I read of Spring Cannot Be Cancelled: David Hockney in Normandy, the more I want to spend my time just looking at the trees in the park outside my back door 📚

Found the flaw in my plan to buy no new books this year… my wife is still buying books. Four she’s finished recently added to my to read pile today 🤷🏼

Sunny morning run before the rest of the world gets up = a good start to a long weekend

Signed up for my first Good Gym sessions today. In the next few weeks I’ll be going on a group run and a litter pick. Looking forward to helping in the community, meeting new people and improving fitness along the way

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Where do you spend the most time in #mastodon?

I am in Local the most tbh

If you can boost it would be nice

#boostsappreciated #AskMastodon #AskFedi #AskFediverse

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