I am experimenting with form and narrative in writing.
Form: I am experimenting with writing a story using simple words and a simple plot and directing the reader's emotions as little as possible by not using emotionally-loaded adjectives.

I don't know if it comes across as child-like writing or something.😥

any thoughts?

Find it here:

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@electricdreams It seems you're trying your hand at minimalist writing, which I support. :)

@electricdreams omg im a big fan!! kind of reminds me of Qiu Maojin's style!! I really like it!!

this was an interesting read and I especially liked the ‘golden mist’ part.

Somehow I had difficulty reading the second-person present-tense style of the story. I’m more used to third-person past-tense narrations with descriptive scenes. **It felt disorienting as if the writing was taking me in a car I couldn’t control**

Keep up the experiments 😇

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