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Sometimes you want to take a picture, capture how the morning light looks filtering through the trees; your cooled skin; the sound of birds.

But you can never smell the air in that photo. You can't look around to see the rest of the world from that spot you stood, capturing a split second of light.

The only way to remember it is to sit for a while; feel it as deeply as you can; accept that it'll never be as good as it is right now.

Hi guys, maybe I made a mistake right away. I am already on Mastodon at @elsander maybe this account was unnecessary? Could I have joined here directly from Sorry for the questions I'm new to this. Anyway I like to write and I like using the platform. I'm from Sweden, and I work as a hospital chaplain. Pastor by trade, loves to share stories and listen to other. Theology is more fun and relevant than it sounds. Well that's about it for now.

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