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**A Beginner's Guide to Getting an Education Without Going to College**

"Sharpen your pencils and get ready to teach yourself everything you want to know, minus the exorbitant tuition fees."


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one of my big goals right now is to not only have more control/privacy online but also get rid of all the bloat. I have to use some less-private platforms for work purposes but I'm stripping back as much as I can.

moving my personal writing to @write_as
business blog on Proseful
business landing page on carrd.

It's not a privacy trifecta but it's a heck of a lot more peaceful and easier on the eyes than Squarespace or wordpress

Hi all, nice to be here! I finally burned my FB down this month and am interested in making more open-source/ethical choices for my business and personal blog/social presence.

I'm a writer (more on the tech / non-fiction side of things) but I love consuming fiction and art; always happy to discuss a creative idea or two.

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