Pause and think about your favorite book, song, poem, or piece of art.

AI dystopia is upon us. We have to dissociate from companies like which help advance China’s ethnic cleansing and genocide of Uighur people.

The are a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in the Xinjiang region occupied by China.

a haiku:
New management sucks.
So he again rescheduled.
Selection was poor.

a cup of

on a table

a man riding

top of a

covered slope

Create something for no practical purpose such as a song, a poem, an essay, a painting, a drawing, a comic strip, a collage, etc.

a small
house in
a dark

like a
flock of

standing in

If you're not setting your tasks, your routines, and your schedule with deliberation, detail, and intent, then someone else is doing that for you. Those who decide such things for others rarely do so with your specific well-being in mind.

Those of us with executive dysfunction, who have little choice but to set such things ourselves or have them spelled out in detail, can't help but see this discrepancy.

Is your own executive function as high as you think or is it just accommodating and accommodated?

Just a thought but is the dilute solution assumption from fluids related to how when we have a large number of categories of something that might be discrete (ex age) we consider it continuous for all purposes? Although since we have things like Planck lengths and quantized energies it makes me wonder if this universe is not continuous

You can produce "content" for yourself, and just for yourself (and friends and family), without having to "productize" it or make it "scale."

This even goes for software you write.

My avatar has been a Wooloo for so long that I kind of have to actually play Pokemon Sword at some point tbh.

So I opened a Twitter thread and got overwhelmed seeing all the tweets everywhere... felt like I was being bombarded with a business-driven culture (these were tech and startup ppl tweets)... I don’t even use / have Twitter 😶🙃

It’s kinda nice coming to the Fediverse and seeing ppl geek out to their whacky, weird, wild, creative interests

I wonder if anyone has done a performance comparison between Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, and a regular file in terms of scalability and performance.

Pretty much just to answer the question: at which point does SQLite and regular files fail to scale and a more complex DB engine is needed?

Anyone else hype about how attack on Titan season 4 is going? (Fellow manga readers, it’s so crazy the manga ends in a few months!)

honestly so glad I started deep-diving into machine learning and data science topics. It truly seems to be an interdisciplinary field.

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