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This past week I could have written The Great American [Short Story | Novel | Recipe | Readme], but no! I've been installing our two screen doors. They look great, but they don't have much of a story to tell.

This Matias 'laptop pro' keyboard sure is ... something.

I'm having more fun coming up with character names than actually writing about them. But the names themselves—Ned Hope, for one—are the start of the character for me. Without a name, it's just words. (Ned Hope is my current villain, BTW).

I think I'd better work on some sort of actual here on

My ghost story can't decide if it's a leisurely (OK—'wordy') monster or a short burst of terror. For now I'm going for 'short' because it'll be done sooner 🐵

Whenever I hear "TOOT!" my mind instantly goes to "POOT!"

To pants or Not to pants ... We'll see what today brings 😕

Dinner. Dinner is on my mind. Which means I'll be thinking about eating rather than writing. Or even *thinking* about writing. This happens often.

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