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Spending part of today turning 8 pages of interview notes into more.

Got my blog going. Yet another book idea outlined. Time to the manuscripts I have completed.

Managed to start roughing out the ideas for a new book project that I recently acquired as a sort of ghostwriting gig.

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I’ve noticed that more and more images of art and photography are now on Pinterest, hidden behind a login/register prompt

Our commons that is the web is getting locked away behind corporate silos

Now that the holidays are effectively over, time to new pieces to put out starting in February. And study for my 1L finals.

As much as I love the holidays, I can’t wait to get back to editing what I wrote in November, including a cozy and a nonfiction book about truck driving as a viable and lucrative career option.

I’m ready for the holidays to be done so I can get to . That’s the major problem with making Christmas gifts, it takes time away from other things.

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Take a few minutes to do something just because it makes you happy.

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What makes you laugh? Go do it, watch it, read it, if you can.

I’m Mary. I write nonfiction mostly, with occasional forays into fiction. Glad to find a writing instance. 😁

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