Do you keep a (or more than one)? A ? What are your practices or habits?

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@fncll I use a command-line tool I cloned off of someone's GitHub to take a template and turn it into a daily Markdown file:

But it's mainly used for day-to-day todo lists, manually copying yesterday's items to today.

@ontploffing Interesting...thanks! I'm pretty much all paper these days, but that script could be handy.

@fncll I don't journal, per se. I carry with me, though, small notebooks to scribble an idea a reminder. Always, it's about a story I'm working on, or plan on working on. During my writing time, I skim the notes to see whether I still think they are gems. ... Right now, I am in the early phase of a novel; each day I write a small character "exploration," often drawing from my notebook. Often I delete what I've written -- I'm just trying to get to know the characters, after all. Sometimes, I save

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