It’s not true that Coca-Cola “invented” Santa Claus’s red suit, but here’s an interesting thought: Why *does* Coca-Cola spare so much expense year upon year in Christmas marketing? Why have they, as a company, tried to make themselves the face of Christmas?

Simple: Because in the early 20th century, Coca-Cola started to notice that their sales would fall off at the end of every summer as people switched to more warming beverages instead of a tall, cold glass of Coca-Cola. So they set themselves up as the face of Christmas, appropriating the folk icon of Santa Claus to do so.

This is why a drink that you are literally advised to “drink chilled” has become a popular Christmas staple. It’s marketing, baby!

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@cremullins They were a significant part of the depiction of Santa as a heavy, jovial figure, though, iirc.

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