Just please leave that keyboard now
And go show them how to be in the moment all day long

I promise to stay sweet fresh smooth
For all the kisses you'll ever give
Including the ones that last an hour
I'll be kind and friendly to a visitor tongue
Like that weird guy, perhaps you remember

Just please leave those numbers now
And go teach them the trick for crow pose all day long

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I promise to be shiny clear white
You won't even need a brush or a paste
I'll clean myself day and night like a cat
I'll gently reflect that soft moonlight you love

Just please leave that office now
And go hold babies all day long

I promise to find the best shield and armor
That anyone could ever make
I'll stand brave as the gummy bears march by
I'll thoroughly scrub the floor with that red tea you love


Imagine a desert
And people pass by every day
The symbolic yearly little raindrop
Homeless sands on the wings of sear wind
But he remembers and recalls in every grain
In every star and every whisper
The eternal moment he was a tropical oasis
With lightning sweetness in his rugged veins
The river with golden reflections
That they shared when his hands embraced her cheeks
The answer to the questions of the stars
The divine stunning heavenly meaning of all
When their lips met.

! I sometimes write stuff, usually poems, sometimes short stories (dreaming about writing a long one someday), in Hebrew and in English. I like reading too. Looking for communities where people write, share, read, discuss.

Decentralized networks.

Free-culture works and art.

Some topics: Peace, love, spirituality, emotions, meaning of life, community, family...

I hope to be posting stuff soon. And to find people and have discussions 🙂

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