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In the 1980s, a group of young dissidents in San Francisco's financial district got together to create a #Zine

"Processed World" is now available at the Internet Archive. Brace yourself for a world of subversive commentary and #Cyberpunk

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Hi friends! We know we're all kinda stuck at home and money's pretty shaky right now, so we've got three free copies of all ebooks on our store!

You can find digital stuff here:

Just use `homecon` as a coupon!

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About to add a new category to my blog: "short interviews about short stories" (3/4 questions), published from time to time.

If interested please don't hesitate to DM me, writers from all countries and backgrounds are welcome.

spending so much of the time I put aside to finish this current uni assignment looking up words of fewer syllables in the thesaurus to mask my natural vocabulary so the lecturers don’t think I’m looking up words in the thesaurus...... :/

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my first day to myself in over two weeks.
It's like being let out of the padded cell of solitary confinement, for a little while.
Yesterday I was told by a manager that it's time to look for meaning in my life outside of work. It's the most useful (as in "real") advice anyone has given me in nearly 6 years.
No BS about careers, or advancement, which isn't happening anyway.
Just be you.
Don't play the game any more.

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Book review, self promotion, against creativity 

Just spent five minutes before the maelstrom hell of work begins, staring out at the palm trees waving against a clear blue summer sky, traces of John Lennon murmuring in my ears, imagining just for a moment what it would be like to not have a care in the world...

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Our community is creating cool stuff with Glitch! Check out this user-created app that makes an archive of your @write_as blog that you can embed in a post:

/sigh I still wish there was an edit function. Sometimes (ha) I’ll end up sounding less articulate than I’d like, but I don’t think my ramblings here are important enough to delete & repost a thing just to get it “perfect”.
Small victories over the inner editor-assassin, maybe.

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a bird pe
rched on
top of an
owl like
an old c

now to figure out the online diary (“blog” is the wrong word, I’m sure of it).

I will probably use since I find Wordpress induces a level of technical despair that is anathema to expression... but a part of me really misses diaryland, heh

There’s something really satisfying about making an old school website: all the artificial lines between art&science dissolve. I start to feel I have a right to exist, beyond how&what all the 1D marketing parasites tell us we have to do.

And anywho, this hypertext dream was mine first.

the only thing that makes it a little better is I'm not the *only* person to (prefer to) pronounce it my way.

it's 2020; maybe I could start a petition or something.

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Just found out my favourite [known] word in all the English language is pronounced completely differently to what I previously expected and my entire worldview is just shaken.

In other news, I wonder if the stage fright I get whenever I post here will ever go away?

{like the Little Prince, I still (always) love sunsets...}

tonight’s sky is vaporwave alienation;
pastel purple and orange with a glowing sliver of moon
&me melting into the summer sidewalk
an unreality washing over everything.

I don’t even bother reaching for my camera. It’s the kind of sky I wish we could capture and share Strange Days style, direct from the source...

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The artist feels schadenfreude. What he needed to do was overcome the obsolescence of purpose. As you can see the artist has realised his ambition to terrify.

I miss the fun of being around people who create stuff because they're really into it. And I've really missed being one of those people myself.

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