wow, I just got my first block by someone, over a mildly poetic reference/play on words.
I guess this place is not so different from the birdsite.

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In the 1980s, a group of young dissidents in San Francisco's financial district got together to create a #Zine

"Processed World" is now available at the Internet Archive. Brace yourself for a world of subversive commentary and #Cyberpunk

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About to add a new category to my blog: "short interviews about short stories" (3/4 questions), published from time to time.

If interested please don't hesitate to DM me, writers from all countries and backgrounds are welcome.

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Book review, self promotion, against creativity 

A new book review is up on my website! Oli Mould's "Against Creativity" #bookreview #books

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a bird pe
rched on
top of an
owl like
an old c

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The artist feels schadenfreude. What he needed to do was overcome the obsolescence of purpose. As you can see the artist has realised his ambition to terrify.

I’m Vixen Phillips aka lilli, and I write dark& lyrical stories, experimental fiction, and computer generated poetry and code. Here to party like it’s 1999//web 1.0 xx

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