Intro: For 33 years I was a professional journalist: reporter>editor>managing editor. I founded & ran, for 12 years, a nonprofit dedicated to helping young people write:

Now I focus on my own projects: a novel that has occupied my mind for 18 years; a journalism project: words, sound, images centered on a courageous opioid addict.

I provide editing support to several professionals & young people. I hope to give and receive feedback with you.


Welcome to the instance. It’s quiet here. But that’s why I like it. :)


I’m still getting some website stuff finished up, my first priority, but once that’s done, I could be up for some real exchange this year.

@wion sorry. Missed this. I think my strategy on will be to share (and hopefully others will share their techniques to improve their writing) and provide and follow links to drafts where I can give and receive feedback longer than 500 characters. So, he said with hope, this instance becomes a way to create a virtual writing/sharing group. A dicey proposition, but worth trying.

FYI, I’m new to fiction (conventional) after career in journalism. (Pic: pre-dawn)

@gg welcome to Mastodon! :)

Can you tell us more about your novel?

I'd love to have a chat with a professional journalist / writer one day, but I need to organize my notes first! For the last two years I've been investigating how technology is depicted in popular culture and how this affects our world.

If you want to know what has been discussed in Fediverse recently check out and awesome talks from !

@alxd I have bookmarked the link. Thanks.

My novel once centered on a 17-year-old girl living in rural northern New England in 1892. I had done some research about the 1890s & discovered that young girls were often "loaned out" to do chores and "favors" to pay off the father's debts. Dark. When I dove into writing full time, I struggled with it then shifted the story forward 50 years to align with my own lifespan. Bingo. A recent character sketch was also presented on stage. So I'm cookin'

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