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@matt & other folks: I have a plan: regularly post -- things I do to to expand my writing. I'd love to have others jump in. Here's one: I am embarking on a novel. (First time; my specialty has been non-fiction.) As I go more deeply into it, the more massive it seems. I go bite size: Each day I explore a character, writing a snippet of her/his backstory -- moods, interests, relationships, likes, etc. Often I delete what I write. I'm just trying to get to know them.

A year ago Christmas, my oldest daughter, a musician (& more), gave me this for a present: "A project together." We've yet to do it.

We near an idea: Go to the bayous for Mardi Gras, away from the maddening drunks, in the heart of it all. We record sounds. We shoot pictures. We eat, laugh & listen to stories & music. Maybe she joins in. Maybe I tell stories.

Our main purpose: To start a story just by doing. With no idea of what we may do with what we capture. It will come to us.

The darkness before dawn always seems more dark, quiet than any other time. Today is no different. As I sit here, in my study, and gaze out the sliding glass doors to the woods beyond, I discover that this silence is brought on by snow, falling gently, without wind, the animals curled up, the world still asleep, the only sound, if magnified so that you could hear, would be the sound of each flake settling down, lightly, atop its mates. What is the sound that no sound makes?

Intro: For 33 years I was a professional journalist: reporter>editor>managing editor. I founded & ran, for 12 years, a nonprofit dedicated to helping young people write:

Now I focus on my own projects: a novel that has occupied my mind for 18 years; a journalism project: words, sound, images centered on a courageous opioid addict.

I provide editing support to several professionals & young people. I hope to give and receive feedback with you.

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