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Time for yet another Tw*tter exodus !

I'm a writer, reader, crafter, cat person, and tabletop, board, and video gamer. I recently finished a novel-length fan fiction and have more fan fic and original fiction in the works.

Things you're likely to find here include

And probably a whole lot more for I contain multitudes of weirdness.

1,363 words written today! I'm now only about 17k words behind on my annual goal, even after the disastrous last few months. I'm nearing the end of chapter 5, so might consider trying to find a beta reader to get a gut read/interest check.

I was getting burnt out on D&D 5e, unable to focus during sessions, bored with the setting, feeling like my characters were one dimensional and hard to pin down. Since starting a campaign, I'm engaged, focused, excited to play, the world feels real and fleshed out, and I enjoy rping as my character. I'm not sure whether it was just time for a change, my mental state, or it's something inherent about the system? It being more GM friendly doesn't hurt.

Am I a total freak for finding the process of compiling and formatting footnotes soothing?

842 words written today. Not bad, considering I also spent a couple hours researching press gangs and pleasure gardens in the 18th century.

Venting about slow recovery from COVID 

I'm almost a month out from COVID and things like household chores and walking for 30 minutes still completely exhaust me. This is with being young, mostly healthy, vaxxed, and boosted. It's frustrating and I'm also having to battle my inherited capitalist/Protestant complex about work ethic and internalized ableism about the slowness of my recovery. Gah. Good thing I already have an appointment for a bivalent booster because this shit sucks.

Joke about the Queen's death, WWDITS reference we think Liz is an energy vampire and an impish baby version of herself is going to claw itself out of her chest cavity? Can you IMAGINE the look on Charles's face?

Queen's death 

The royal family and British monarchy has contributed very little to the world, apart from the meme renaissance that ensues every time one of them dies.

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"The Jewish community in Las Vegas, NM is trying to buy back their historic synagogue from the Catholic Church. The church originally gave them 60 days to raise the funds, but then abruptly shortened it to 30 days, leaving the community in a lurch. Any little bit helps, and would mean so much to the community."

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The urge to hustle during rest is like the urge to itch a healing wound. It's a symptom that you've begun to heal, not that the wound is gone.

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This is one of those mornings where I just feel recklessly bisexual.

to "Expert in a Dying Field' by the Beths on repeat and my goodness, what a fantastic song. You'd think after thousands of years of human music, every possible metaphor to describe a breakup has been used ad nauseam, yet here we are.

cw mental health 

Well, fediverse, it's been a minute. Unfortunately I suffered a mental health crisis and things got pretty dark for a while there. But I'm healing slowly but surely, wrote over 500 words for the first time in months yesterday, and feel ready to start engaging with the interwebs again!

Board games, depiction of alien/monster 

Tried co-op mode of today. We still lost but we were 2-3 turns away from winning!

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My first post, which is from a recent trip to an area in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument also known as White Pocket (Arizona, USA). #MilkyWay #NightSky #WhitePocket

Food pics 

How did I do channeling my partner's favorite cookies into his birthday cake?

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Happy May Day. Arm your desires, liberate your time, snatch back your dignity.

Illustration by N.O. Bonzo.

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Everything for everyone, para todos todo.

Poverty is a political decision, we have enough for everyone to have a good life.

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Thought I'd show two loves with one post!

Here's the story notebooks...and my cat, Machendra, helping me organize.

#CatsOfMastodon #caturday #WritersLife #notebooks

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So I thought I'd spread the word about an anthology on bisexuality that I contributed a personal narrative to. It's called The Bi-ble. Published by the amazing Monstrous Regiment (an indie publishing house ran by two wonderful queer women out of Edinburgh) and it might be the most important book on bise #bisexual people you've never read. 
More info on it here:

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