For Writing Exchange users 

Would anyone be interested in leading some community programming here on ?

I'm thinking along the lines of starting bigger discussions, sharing prompts, holding events, amplifying the writers here, etc.

We could arrange it so that you're more central to the instance than I am. I'm still around, but don't have much personal time to do these extra activities. But I think it'd help make this a great place to hang out.

For Writing Exchange users 

@matt I like this idea a lot! Not sure how much time I'd be able to commit but I'd like to be involved in some capacity, even if it's just brainstorming or boosting others' contributions on certain days, etc.

For Writing Exchange users 

@hawksquill Feel free to tag me in if you'd like another brain to storm with.


For Writing Exchange users 

@wordsmith Yes for sure! Some things that immediately come to mind are events for days of the week - Feedback Friday, a prompt day, maybe a day for plotting/outlining. And maybe trying to implement more standardized tags - things like looking for beta, writing inspo, review/feedback swaps, sharing pics of where we're writing.

I also have some experience with fests/contests in a fandom context, if there's any interest in that!

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