i think we've reached the political and technological point where superheroes and villains can emerge

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where are my pants theyre supposed to come between the 25th-28th my eyes are going to bleed realistic blood

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i just played a good game of fizz and i feel like i did a line of cocaine

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sometimes i feel like shit and then i look at my likes and retweets on my twitter profile and i realize that my brainwaves are so powerful they can kill an entire small village

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also please queer.party let me in, i swear ill be good

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i love being masto famous, there are no downsides

okay im gonna start off by showing some of my poems in a thread, shitting and crying about it. criticism welcome :))

i just realized i made my intro post followers only, oops. lets try this again

hi, im mars :)) im a queer person from california who is still trying to find out what i want to create. poetry has started to really interest me because its usually short and allows me to speak plainly while also being cryptic. i want to share what ive been working on and meet other likeminded people. nice to meet everyone

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