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Howdy, everyone! I'd like to give a small - I'm deneb/hrishi, and I joined to push myself into writing regularly and to improve my English. As it isn't my first language, I may make syntax mistakes or use unfitting words (please feel free to point it out, whenever you notice! It'd be a big help!).

Besides I'm especially interested in and , so if you ever want to talk about those things, I'm here! Have a nice day/night!πŸŽ‹

I've been getting better at writing recently! My focus is a little better and I feel like my dialogue is more natural for nt people.

Hello, I'm #koopa. It's 12 : 23 and my house's temperature is 15.0Β°C. What happened yesterday ?

Hello, I'm #koopa. It's 12 : 23 and my house's temperature is 15.8Β°C. What happened yesterday ?

What is something you'd like to see more of in stories/books?

I think I need to re-think the main character and the plot-frame -_-

ADHD and writing 

Now that I've started my meds, I kind of wanted to see how I'd edit my current bigger project and it's interesting to see parts clicking in differently.


During my time away, I actually (finally!!) got diagnosed with ADHD and today is my first day on meds for it, which is an interesting and exciting experience!

I'm finally back and am going to be active on here!

Hello, I'm #koopa. It's 12 : 23 and my house's temperature is 16.7Β°C. What happened yesterday ?

@hrishi The shaman pointed up towards the sky dotted with stars as the younglings huddled closer around the fire.
"There we see the constellations of The Great Protectors to whom we give thanks for their protection with this festival every year. Bear, for its patience and fortitude. Deer, for its speed and perception. Toad, for its stealth and resourcefulness. And Beaver for its ingenuity and diligence. May the newborns learn to sing their praises so that they are content to keep us safe"

While working on a big project, I realized that the protagonist definitely needs some work. I want them to become a person, rather than the tool of moving the reader through the plot, like they are right now. :/

fun fact: if you see garbage somewhere it shouldn't be, you can just pick it up and dispose of it elsewhere, it's legal as hell

I'm currently taking part in a social project and I'm unsure if I should write about it

rushed little writing exercise! 

It is a gray morning, pearls of rain rolling down the windows. Enkas is standing in the kitchen to watch the weather, almost like every morning now.
A storm is coming.
Of course, he is used to weather like this. This is normal. Yet, he must be careful and watch. The dome-like window above him may be steady and can endure harsh weather conditions, as it has to, but if it breaks, or even shows a hint of cracking, he'll have to evacuate.
A storm is coming.

hey so none of yall told me a partial eclipse was gonna happen??

anyway!! my nasa app woke me up

my dad was up too so we watched the eclipse rise :)

(image description: partial solar eclipse rising over corn fields and a cow pen)

(note: mastodon uploaded them backwards)

#astronomy #astronkomy

I'm currently working on and re-writing my half-finished nanowrimo project of last year. It's my first big writing project and I know it'll suck (and that's okay!), but I want it to give it my all!

small writing exercise tidbit! 

She was in her rebellious phase;
sometimes even acting up against the laws of gravity.

When she was annoyed and felt misunderstood, she'd float up to the ceiling, before walking away on it.

She was careful, however, otherwise she might end up floating into the dark depths of space.

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