Hi everyone.

I'm an Anglo-American university biology & chemistry instructor, and lab manager.

My main interests are cycling & exercise physiology (researching, reviewing, training, racing), reading (science, philosophy, fiction) and writing (mainly about cycling, but also more broadly).

My website ( has much more.

Unsurprisingly, I'm here to discuss all aspects of writing.

(I just switched my primary instance over from

@ianbgibson Welcome! Sounds like you may have different bicycles to mine but I'll be taking a look at your words either way ;-)


Hey, as long as you get out there and ride, that's all that matters! There's no requirement to be a fanatic like me.

@ianbgibson Welcome! I'm in love with bikes (especially mine) but I wouldn't call myself a cyclist: I mostly just bike the three blocks to work! But maybe your blog can convince me to go further.

@ianbgibson hello mr bgibson sir, whats your favourite book ?

@ianbgibson Im a half slavic Germano-German of the German Caliphate aka Germanistan. As-salamu alaykum my habibi mashallah.

@ianbgibson welcome to Mastodon :mastodon:

And I notice you're using too—is it self-hosted?

@badrihippo No, I let them take care of that, although I like to have my own domain name.

@ianbgibson I like the way you made different topics run on their own subdomain. It's an interesting way of organising your work (and letting people follow just the ones they're interested in).


Yes, well hopefully some of the articles I write will be of broad appeal, whereas few will be interested in reading my weekly cycling training notes!

This lets me write with a specific audience in mind, which is a good thing.

@ianbgibson I've started my blog too!

Can't afford paid accounts at the moment, but I'm playing with my local #WriteFreely instance at home so let's see what I come up with 🤔


Good job. I look forward to reading more!

It seems like write.freely could be just what you're looking for if you want to build a writing community.

@ianbgibson well, there are still a few features I'd need before I can run a "publication" here, to have a magazine-like setup.

But that's what I'm going to be blogging about!

@ianbgibson Welcome to the fediverse! Science, philosophy, and fiction? I’m in.

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