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Published a small blog post about my Creative Writing Project for this spring.

Poetry, about my grandmother

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Hi! This will be the writing musing account of @maloki

I'll be writing about writing, and musing about poetry, as I'm crash coursing into it.

Most posts will be private! And the account is private.

If you want to follow hit the button and answer this question:

What are you hoping to gain from a mutual connection with this account?

Poll: What do you prefer when writing parenthesis at the end of a sentence?

Me: I will not go into detailed analysis of this research paper.

Also me: Quotes the fuck out of them showing where they fucked up.

Also also me: Still not a FULL analysis tho!

Also also also me: Maybe one day

I love using referencing in blog posts :D

I just wish I had a great for it. Any tips?

I think my WordPress just accidentally lost words, and I don't remember which words and there's no way to retrieve it because phone app, no undo buttons when you accidentally mark something and then delete / write over it 🤔

Sometimes you just need to sit down with a timer, and make conscious effort to move a piece of text forward

On Being Hyper-social 

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On Being Hyper-social 

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On Being Hyper-social 

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On Being Hyper-social 

I think I'm going to get into Poetry Slam stuff.

I feel very inspired.

Is there any other instance for scholars than ?

I'm asking because I just want to see what alternatives there are, not because I think is bad!


I've not been able to write lately. Unsure why.

I guess I should get back into it. Maybe check out if my laptop works still, and then bring it to my mom's when I go there.

Editing this poetry has me in tears, which is good.

Because I feel like I may've revealed stuff to me that stings and hurts.

"No surprise to the author, no surprise to the reader" ...

Contrasts w/ Music and Studies 

A poem about self-care, written by me as a response to Agnes Török on their patreon:

Taking care of you,
Lets you take care of them.

I feel your pain,
been there
was there, still there.

Taking care of you,
Lets you fly.

Please remember,
“Secure your own
Oxygen mask first”

Taking care of you,
Lets you soar.

Weaving in an epic poem 

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Weaving in an epic poem 

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