Hi! This will be the writing musing account of @maloki

I'll be writing about writing, and musing about poetry, as I'm crash coursing into it.

Most posts will be private! And the account is private.

If you want to follow hit the button and answer this question:

What are you hoping to gain from a mutual connection with this account?

I realize that I probably should've mentioned this with the hashtag .

Hi everyone, maloki here, I'll be doing most on my writing musings over on this account from now on. Partially because I want to easily access it, and read what I've talked about.

But I also want to share, so do not be afraid to follow if we're already mutuals, but do say hi as a response to this or the previous toot in this thread.

Thanks in advance <3

@iko @maloki I've had a writing account on here for ages, we're mutuals on your other account (udell_games) and I'd love to read your posts about writing, since I'm just moving into the editing process for my novel now.

@iko @maloki i write mostly to unload things from my head, but it still leaves me with an interest in other people's opinions and processes. it's probably something i should talk about more often. there are hoops for me to jump through before i can feasibly go to a class/group write-a-thon.

@pippasaidwhat @maloki also, I think talking and reading about writing, well I guess writing about writing, helps us get over some thresholds sometimes.

We'll be stuck, because we don't know we're stuck, until we can see that there's a threshold there, maybe even a closed door

@pippasaidwhat @maloki

Earlier today I was struck on POV. I didn't know if I could mix the pov in the poems, but I also didn't know if I would have to force myself into a pov for a poem which didn't feel natural.

After asking my friend, and taking some time, I decided that I could start writing without knowing. She later chimed back, that she thought different povs would be fine.

@iko Hey, I am following you, hope that's ok

Welcome! ☀️ I really should use my account over here more, actually. I've been meaning on setting aside more time for writing...

@iko @maloki I like language and seeing which parts other people like to think about when they create

I think you're smart and I'm interested to see your writing!

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