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For all aspiring authors out there. Some tips from the trade: how to take a great author photo.

I have now completed the first draft of the second book in my series. Yay for two books in two months! 🥳 Two more to go ...

Apparently, I've entirely stopped caring about social media lately. Probably because I've been too busy and . The outline for my current novel series is now over 100K words. I've finished the first book except for a few minor edits, and I'm almost halfway through the first draft of the second book. I'm thinking it'll be a four book series.

What writing project(s) are all of you working on?

The first draft of my second episode is now complete at approx. 35,000 words. *happy dance* Now the question is, do I put two episodes together as a novel ... or three? 🤔 Probably three ... which means it's my favorite time again--time to expand the outline!

Today I'm finally breaking out my party supplies for the much anticipated return of in-person nerd gatherings. It'll be an all-you-can-chat anime and manga extravaganza. 🤓 🍕 🍪

Can anyone recommend an unlimited subscription service other than Scribd? (Their selection sucks.) I already use Libby and OverDrive, but I hate waiting for holds. It has to be unlimited because I'm currently listening to several books a week. Not breaking my YouTube news addiction might be cheaper lol.

update: the first draft of episode one is now complete at approx. 31,000 words. I think that's another new word count record, but I'm having too much fun to keep score. On to the next episode ...

This week's accomplishments include walking 10 miles, reading four novels, and 20,000 words of my first draft. And I'm only 2/3rds of the way into the first of ten episodes. Maybe I'll finally write a trilogy. 😮

Several days of nothing but work, , and guilty pleasure reading has been oh so relaxing. Maybe I'll keep it up for a while ...

So that's how you do it. 😅

(From Allie Brosh's Solutions and Other Problems)

I stayed up way too late last night to finish listening to an audiobook. Guilty pleasure books are the best.

Okay, fine, I guess I'll use for my first draft.

My process for finding new apps:

1. Try literally ALL THE OPTIONS
2. Come to the conclusion that they all suck
3. Narrow it down to the best contenders that might actually work
4. Start seriously using a few
5. Feel like setting most of them on fire
6. Find one that actually does most of what I want it to do, shockingly
7. Use it some more
8. Okay, FINE, it'll do
9. You can take my new favorite app from my cold, dead hands

After years of refusing to use Scrivener, I decided to give it another chance as a cross-platform option for my current project. And ugg, I still dislike it. It's just ... unrefined and clunky and who still uses rich text formatting? I need markdown! *sigh* This is just a rant to say I miss Ulysses, the single greatest writing app ever made that is infuriatingly exclusive to Apple devices. 😥

The outline/script for my new novel is now "finished" at 64,000 words. I guess now it's time to start the first draft ...

I've been adulting way to much this week, and it's not over yet. 😑 The good news is, my house is about to look like an actual adult lives there. (You know you've reached your 30s when you spend your stimulus check on landscaping and pressure washing.)

I stumbled into a plant shop next to one of my favorite book stores while I was out the other day and acquired this little guy. I named it Radical Edward because, like Ed, it also has no elbows. 🤣

Here are the results of my trip to the downtown library today. More permanent knowledge for my growing library, and some fun stuff on loan. After this acquisition, I finally broke down and ordered another bookshelf. 😅

Outline update: I made it to 50K words in three weeks, which is definitely a new personal record. 🤓 Only half an episode left before the outline is "finished."

Today's achievements: read some poetry, enjoyed a sunny morning writing at my favorite cafe's outdoor patio, acquired delicious breakfast tacos, spent an hour browsing around a used book shop, bought a house plant, then spent 8 hours on the phone catching up with a friend. Definitely a great start to my three day weekend.

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