I stumbled into a plant shop next to one of my favorite book stores while I was out the other day and acquired this little guy. I named it Radical Edward because, like Ed, it also has no elbows. 🤣

Here are the results of my trip to the downtown library today. More permanent knowledge for my growing library, and some fun stuff on loan. After this acquisition, I finally broke down and ordered another bookshelf. 😅

Outline update: I made it to 50K words in three weeks, which is definitely a new personal record. 🤓 Only half an episode left before the outline is "finished."

Today's achievements: read some poetry, enjoyed a sunny morning writing at my favorite cafe's outdoor patio, acquired delicious breakfast tacos, spent an hour browsing around a used book shop, bought a house plant, then spent 8 hours on the phone catching up with a friend. Definitely a great start to my three day weekend.

After reading one too many webcomics with badly portrayed gun handling, I made this handy diagram.

Outline update: I'm at 47K words with one episode left to go. I plan to finish the outline by Thursday, then I'll have a three day weekend to figure out how the heck I'm gonna turn this into a novel. 🧐

Today I acquired a stack of awesome from a local library sale. That's a lot of knowledge for $6.

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Nerd levels are high today. My last set of stickers finally arrived today, so I decked out my new laptop.

That feeling you get after downloading 2GB of free PDF reference books.

My weekend binge included the first five dubbed episodes of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, which is surprisingly deep for a fantasy isukai, and the first five episodes of SSSS.Gridman, which makes absolutely no sense but it surprisingly offbeat and fun.

I was finally invited to bookwyrm.social! I imported my books from goodreads, but the start and finish dates didn't carry over ... I'll have to try to fix that. Anyone else have a bookwyrm account? Mine is bookwyrm.social/user/inky if you want to follow the random readings of someone who loves manga, poetry, and nerdy non-fiction.

I've written 40,000 words in the past two weeks, which is a new personal record. I still have a little over two episodes left to outline, but it's time to sleep.

Is anyone participating in National Poetry Month? If so, check out how to submit your poems on read.write.as/: submit.as/cues/national-poetry I don't write much , but I love reading it!

How the is going: 32,000 words written and 7 out of 10 episodes fully outlined. Hoping to finish the outline by the end of the weekend ...

Ah, so this is how it feels to write an outline that actually works.

The outline wordcount for my new novel project is up to 25K, and I keep coming up with new ideas ... ⌨️

I had to clear the grittiness of Golden Kamuy season 3 out of my system with the cute fluffiness of Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You. My watching habits follow no logical pattern. 😆

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