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Hey all, I'm working to get another smol buisness of the ground. I'm selling fountain pens and nice notebooks.

While not much is ready, you can subscribe to the announcement list here:

Please ask questions! Suggestions! I'm curious always for community feedback.

A picture of the Washington Monument from when the #cherryblossoms were out.


If you study Buddhism and learn to accept the impermanence of all things, you don't need to do backups anymore.

Have a messy, messy, painting of what Pisa looks like during "Luminara", tonight.
I'm not gonna go near the river this year.
#krita #Pisa #Italy

i want to call a raccoon "crimes cat" but that wrongly implies regular cats are not involved in crimes

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So how about that e3, huh? I thought we were done with video games, but it turns out they're making more!

I think I like the phrase "smol biz" that I just came up with.

"Small business" makes me think of traditional profit/expansion-oriented businesses that just haven't succeeded enough to become larger.

"Smol biz" is more like business that doesn't aim to make itself bigger, but rather to proliferate smolness and reclaim the economy from the profiteers and put it back to work serving *people*.

Hey, I can finally share my piece from The Webcomic Almanac! Obelisk is a queer gothic horror/romance webcomic that you can read right over here: 💖

#webcomics #comics #obeliskcomic #art #lgbtcomics #mastoart #creativetoots #queercomics

@Tanuki a deep fake of me that comes in to work and does my job for me

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There’s no way the internet is real

This many rats nests talking to who-knows-what across multiple continents can’t possibly work

This is all a simulation

Finished most of the work on the setup wizard for the Online Writing Log. That should simplify that part of the onboarding experience.


The Case of the Welsh Autoresponder

The English half of the sign is printed correctly and says, “No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only.” Clearly enough, the point of the sign is to prohibit truck drivers from entering a residential neighborhood.

Since the sign was posted in Swansea, Wales, the bottom half of the sign is written in Welsh. The translation of the Welsh is, “I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated.”