Here’s another sweet little game: Get Comfortable by McLean (

me using fedora: [opens door, door falls off hinges] ah, home

me using ubuntu: [opens door, door falls off hinges but in the opposite direction] what the fuck is this shit

Just dropped in to say “Hi” I’m the one who’s head is like a cloud, and forgets sooner than later about what to write about; finaly a new post it’s good to be around like minded people:)

Shrinking the font on Tusky multiplicated the enjoyment of the Mastodon experience by ten-fold.

She looks rather smug for someone who just tried eating a fake plant

I actually don't know why companies insist on asking you your gender. And I don't understand how adding a free-form gender field is something to be celebrated when the bottom line is they're still collecting shit on you they really don't need to know.

(They're probably selling your information or using it to market more bullshit at you)

what do you call a person with a big beard who suddenly shaves their face in the middle of a harsh winter

a chinchilla



air conditioning is basically small-scale terraforming

The future of Linux distros are here: One aware of network threats and actively working to contain them and maintain user privacy, anonimity.

Figures, I forgot to tag this with #ScreenshotSaturday :T

Ah well, here's another gif of the same terribly-designed map.

I still need to add hazy super-background trees, so it's all pretty flat for now.

RT I'm sure this sculpture is supposed to be a statement on consumer culture or something, but all I can see is Jesus and Lenin trying REALLY HARD to make this whole co-parenting thing work as they take Mickey to his first day of kindergarten.

Hey, do you own an iPhone?

I've started a newsletter service that sends one monthly email with a new wallpaper and matching $10 phone case.

Here are images of this months pair.

Hey all, I'm working to get another smol buisness of the ground. I'm selling fountain pens and nice notebooks.

While not much is ready, you can subscribe to the announcement list here:

Please ask questions! Suggestions! I'm curious always for community feedback.

If you study Buddhism and learn to accept the impermanence of all things, you don't need to do backups anymore.
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