Hi, I already have an account on, but I've seen this server and though I'd make an account here too. So this is my .

Writing is mostly a hobby for me. I work as a programmer, and I tinker on an open source app for writers in my spare time, when I'm not writing on my novel projects.

I read mostly sci-fi and fantasy, and my writing is also sci-fi. I suppose it doesn't hurt that I studied physics in university 🙂

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Since my first name was already taken on this server, I picked the name of my favourite Star Trek character as the handle. Jadzia Dax.

Not sure how much I will be posting on this account, but I'll be lurking around in Local for a bit to see if I like it here.

@jadzia hello! I'm on a server that doesn't connect with .online so it's nice to see you got an alt!

Hope to see more of you around.

@jadzia yes! I've been around on here for 5 years now, my anniversary was a month ago. So I've been on a few servers.

The one you're on is good too. I moved from there to my account just recently

@jadzia it's not all local. Weird people from far-away instances can interject and say hi, too, so: "hi, hope you have fun writing and sharing it with us".

@jadzia hey nice to meet you :) I love reading as well :)

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