Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I can think of nothing more American than a whole day dedicated to stuffing your face while surrounded by your favorite people.

If you're still undecided which console to go with this generation, people have figured out that they can float ping-pong balls on the Series X vent... so I think we have a clear winner.

Every time I pick up journaling again, I expect my entries to read like David Sedaris's, but they end up reading:

"This happened. Then this happened. Oh, and don't forget about this. It was a good day."

Hey, look, I wrote another blog post that ends up being about death. Surprise!

Lack of an Oxford comma cost a dairy company $10 million. What say you Oxford comma deniers now?

Sturgill Simpson's "Make Art Not Friends" has been my theme song for 2020. And it's hitting especially hard today.

Yesterday was Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and yet again I forgot to participate, so today I honor my dead in this blog post.

It's ! Like every year, that means everyone can use the "Novel" blog format all month long on, even as a Free user, and get one additional blog for your novel at no extra cost.

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