Obsidian is a favorite of the tech crowd, but in this post I share how it can be a great marketing tool as well.


I just wrote my first script, for a marketing video idea.

Btw, if you use Obsidian, the Fountain plugin is great for screenwriting!

Top Gun: Maverick was everything it should have been.

Right parts nostalgia, right parts modern.

My biggest complaint: It could have done without the love story. But hey, it's Hollywood.

@matt I got accepted into tilde.town, but I'm not familiar with chat over ssh.

Do you have any resources to help me out? Text or video?

Last night I installed Debian 11 on my Thinkpad.

And I eventually installed i3.

Now I see what all the hype is about.

So minimal. Auto-tiling is nice. And I can see the potential as I learn more of the keyboard shortcuts.

May the Fourth is the perfect day to share these Star Wars prints I got from an artist in Portland, Oregon.

Marketing in tech is great.

But I'm burned out on the whole "whatever"-as-a-service thing.

Welp, you can fight it . . .

Or you can rebel in your own way.

Slight change to the blog

I'm digging the option to add links in a Linktree-like format on Polywork profiles.

The social icons always seemed as if they were too easy to miss while scrolling.


Remember how Luke Skywalker couldn't become a real Jedi until he redeemed Vader?

Writers will always have imposter syndrome and never feel like a Real Writer™ until they can write "About Me" pages without flinching.

This is our burden and our struggle. 😞

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