Marketing in tech is great.

But I'm burned out on the whole "whatever"-as-a-service thing.

Welp, you can fight it . . .

Or you can rebel in your own way.

Slight change to the blog

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Hi @jakel1828 I think you slipped under my Welcome Radar, but fear not:

welcome to the! You're not getting away that easily :-)

Let me try and see what your review is offering: perspective as a service?
(my worst puns always intended)

@wordsmith Everything about the screenshot is a joke.

"LaCaze Business Review" sounds so professional, which the blog is not.

And yeah, perspective as a service...

Tech has software as a service, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, disaster recovery as a service . . . and so many more.

It's exhausting.


@jakel1828 You're telling me - I still have 0 cloud use. Syncthing, self-hosted or traditional paid hosting all the way.

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