How many revisions do you go through before you push something through?

No work is ever perfect, but at some point you do run into the problem of diminishing returns.

Does it depend on the project? Blog post vs. flash fiction vs. novel? Or do you just feel it out on each individual work?

I'm curious to hear any thoughts on the subject.

It seems Spotify's Discover Weekly alternates between giving me safe bets (post-punk, shoegaze, etc.) and trying to expand my musical horizons. This week it seems to think I should give sludge metal a fair shot.

"There's nothing wrong with having a dream. Dreams drive us forward. Sometimes, though, dreams aren't practical or they're beyond our reach or they're just not viable. Instead of trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up, perhaps you should grow up and find what you want to be. That could come to you from an unexpected direction."

Ah, man, I know I go on about it, but really do love my journal. I'm six years into this one.

I still strongly encourage anyone who wants to be a writer to start a journal. You don't need to write deep thoughts, though you can. Write about the weather, how you feel today, how you felt yesterday. Write about something you did or want to do or are desperately avoiding doing by writing in your journal, or work or school or health. Write like you're talking to your best friend, because you are.

For a few weeks, I was consistently publishing blog posts on Sunday. This week, I fell a bit behind and published on Monday. Now seems like a good time to talk about the importance of falling love with your process.

"So, the question is: How do you adopt healthy self-esteem-how do you adopt healthy metrics by which to measure yourself? The short answer is by living out those metrics. You have to change your behavior."

Nothing helped my self-esteem like being honest about my shortcomings and then working to overcome said shortcomings. No one should feel good about himself merely for existing any more than he should feel bad about himself merely for existing.

This weekend I installed Peppermint Linux on a 2008-ish MacBook Pro, and I'm in love. I'm going to try making the MacBook my primary writing computer. The keyboard is more pleasant to use than my newer laptop, and you really don't need that much computer for strictly writing.

Happy NaNoWriMo to all participating!

"So, whether you’re doing NaNoWriMo or you’re just thinking about writing a book, remember these things. It’s going to be hard because it needs to be hard. And it needs to be hard because it’s yours."

Saturday I went to Michaels and tried out a few pens before settling on one and pulling the trigger. I now understand why my wife says Michaels is dangerous, especially when you're living on a budget.

I stumbled on this blog while looking for pen reviews. The design is so clean and simple.

I am reaching Patrick Bateman levels of jealousy. "It even has a watermark!"

I've listened to Dracula on Audible for 10.5 hours. I have 5 hours left.

The first part of the novel when Jonathan Harker visits Dracula's castle was awesome. The rest of the story has dragged on and sucked.

Do I:

We're finally taking care of all the non-technical work needed on, like better help documentation and minor annoying bugs / missing pieces.

For example, we're putting all our help on (fittingly) a blog,, and then linking to that site from various places in the application. (Previously, we might've linked to an old Help page from 2015 or

Hopefully this makes everything much easier to use!

5 Tenets of a Negative Self-Help

In which Mark Manson pretty much summarizes my life philosophies, especially #4 (you don't deserve happiness)

"Faith" by The Cure is the perfect Spooky Season tune, as it has wrecked my day on so many occasions. That hopeless bass, the desperate vocals and the unconvincing closure--"I went away alone with nothing left but faith"...

Consider me wrecked.

My next nominee for Spooky Season Movie Marathon shall be Vampire Hunter D. I can't claim to be a true fan of anime, but D has always been one of my favorite characters.

One day I will accept that I keep coming back to Fedora and GNOME because we were meant to be, we three. Hopefully today is that day.

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