"We manage our conflicting desires for stability and change through self-discipline. We manage our conflicting desires for commitment and freedom through committing to our own growth. We manage our conflicting desires for individuality and conformity through acceptance, both of ourselves and of others.

Growth. Discipline. Acceptance. Sounds nice, right?

Easier said than done."


After a good cry from finishing Of Mice And Men, I've decided to give Hemingway another try. Normally, if I don't enjoy something, I put it down and move on. But logic says I should love Hemingway. I enjoy authors influenced by him. In theory I should love his focus on simplicity. But his STORIES have yet to resonate with me. Here's to hoping a re-read of The Sun Also Rises goes better than my re-read The Old Man And The Sea.

I told myself I was going to settle on Fedora 31. Then my laptop had issues waking from sleep, so I tried Ubuntu 19.10, which was pretty solid. Then ElementaryOS rolled out an update.

Elementary + Flatpak = pretty damn awesome

I've tried Elementary over the years, but it never before felt so polished and mature.

After a nice little boost from @readwriteas , it's fitting that I follow up with a post about balancing ego and humility.


I'm early into John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men, but I've seen the movie, so there have already been a few moments that have stirred emotions. I think I'm going to shed a few tears on this one.

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We’d like to give a huge shout out to @DigitalOcean@twitter.com for their platform that has enabled us to serve a few dozen terabytes of elementary OS 5.1 Hera since its launch yesterday. If you’d like to spin up your own project, here’s a $50 referral for you: m.do.co/c/b67e9da7c9a3

I have been frustrated at how difficult writing has been lately, but I am proud that I have kept pushing through. Now I understand why some writers recommend writing your way through writer's block. Things have a better chance of falling into place if you create something to work with.

Looking to start a daily writing practice? Aim low and get moving. Blake Kimzey suggests starting with a low word count goal (like 250 words). I set a personal goal of 30 minutes per day. Tomato, tomahto


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"Some of what's truly good for us is bad for them. So let's not rely on them to tell us when we finally have privacy, or digital wellbeing, or whatever will comfort the masses today. We know what real privacy feels like, even online. All we have to do is acknowledge what we've lost and take the smallest of steps to reclaim it."


The Attention Crisis Is Real by Seth Godin

"Too often, it feels cheaper to simply take what we can get, but when we overreach, the cost in trust is real.

And each of us gets the same amount of attention to spend each day. It’s a competitive advantage to figure out how to focus it to get something done."


'Please. Buy a domain and use it for your email. Even if it just ties back to a “free” service. This will let you eventually leave the “free” ecosystem without upending your life.'

I'm halfway there. I started using Fastmail over a year ago. I just need to link it to a domain now.


A little Thanksgiving gratitude:

I'm thankful that these days if I wake up at some ungodly time (like 2:15 AM on Thanksgiving), I now turn my restlessness into a positive by working on a personal project, usually related to writing or reading. At the end of the day, I'm not any less tired, but at least I do feel more accomplished.

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