After watching 2 episodes of Killer Inside, it’s apparent I forgot pretty much everything from the podcast Gladiator about Aaron Hernandez. It’s such an interesting story I don’t mind getting acquainted all over again.

I picked up my eyeglasses today. I’m one step closer to becoming a gooder writer.

Guys. Guys. GUYS.

I have what I think may be a functional outline for a novel or novella. Now I just have to learn how to write gooder.

Welp, just made my first RMA claim on a WD external drive. Wish me luck.

My post for next week is pretty much finished. Next month’s fiction is in a good place. The rest of the week is an opportunity to work on some more challenging pieces and get ahead.

“Don’t think for a second it’s in the past. We leave nothing behind. We just forget the burden is not light.”

Wapiti Nocturne | The Lascaux Review

"Here’s something to consider: the world doesn’t get better when you spend more time engaging with mass media. That’s pretty clear.

But it does get better when you spend more time doing things that matter. Actions matter."

It is snowing in Dallas. If you are in the area, stay indoors. Locals do not know how to handle such catastrophic weather. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

I left work early and am now home anticipating the storm of the century that is supposed to kill everyone in Dallas and it’s peaceful and still and I’m both disappointed and pleased at the same time.

Spoiler: "The only way to be truly confident is to simply become comfortable with what you lack."

Once I accepted and embraced my limitations, I became happier with myself.

"As I grieved and processed my trauma, I started writing about mental illness, and my experience; sharing the pain in a productive way helped me to make sense of everything. My own sage advice from the early writing days didn’t help me find financial security. What helped was finding ways to cope with a collection of mental health issues I had gathered like heavy rocks."

Since the holiday season, I’ve had a hard time stringing a satisfying number of words and sentences together in one sitting or burst. But your boy did it this morning.

“How many people have missed me on Twitter since I permanently deactivated my account a couple of weeks back? Zero. Zilch. Nada. How about that for destroying your ego a wee bit more, eh? Or at least, in my case, it reinforces my decision to leave.”

2019 was a pretty great year, both personally and professionally. — Kayfabe

“I wondered if I would ever learn the trick of being comfortable with whatever I had, or if it was simply a part of being human, or being a woman, or being a woman in Dallas—to want more.”

My Plastic Surgery Dilemma

My flash fiction blog, Truth & Hyperbole, is live with my first story: Bloodlines.

Back in October, I listened to the audiobook of Dracula. Though I didn't enjoy the story overall, it led to this story, so I can't say I regret listening.

2019 is almost behind us. Bring on 2020.

Onward To 2020 — Flirting With Nihilism

I’d never been to the beach in the winter before last night. It’s strange hearing the ocean yet being unable to see it due to the fog.

New Year Sale 

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