10 or so days ago, I decided to again try keeping a daily journal. In the past, I'd made the mistake of keeping a journal to recount the day's events. This time I'm using the practice to summarize the feelings or thoughts of the day, something more philosophical or emotional than purely historical. I did forgetfully skip one night, but so far I'm happy with my practice and really look forward to closing my day with a little reflection.

"The same way we discovered that the sedentary lifestyles of the 20th century required us to physically exert ourselves and work our bodies into healthy shape, I believe we’re on the cusp of discovering a similar necessity for our minds. We need to consciously limit our own comforts. We need to force our minds to strain themselves, to work hard for their information, to deprive our attention of the constant stimulation that it craves."


I enjoy the original Top Gun for what it is. I expected to be underwhelmed when I started the trailer for the 2020 sequel, but I'm in, baby.


I just saw a guy begging for change while wearing a shirt that said TEXAS LAW and thought, Doubt it. Then I realized how much law school costs and said, Maybe.

It may be a bit late, but the wife and I are about to jump on the Chernobyl bandwagon. Much excite.

I'm one of those jumping back on the notebook bandwagon as the author mentions. For me, I'm not sure that writing on a digital device is as effective or cathartic.


Spider-Man: Far From Home was far better than the trailer led me to believe.

How is Bluetooth still so crap and unreliable in 2019?

I'm trying out an emphasis on simpicity: Debian Stable on my main laptop, write.as for my blog, writing in notebooks and journals whenever possible.

Fingers crossed.

Now you can (finally) include an email subscription box on any Write.as post! (Including a static page, like this one: write.as/matt/subscribe)

Read more about this change on the forum:

twitter being down is no big deal they can just use the other instances

@matt Can you help me figure out how to add links for About and Contact pages as you have on your page? I've tried searching Google and discuss.write.as, but I'm left feeling really dumb for having trouble with this small issue.

During a recent writing spell, I wrote dialogue without quotation marks or any other identifying punctuation or spacing. I'd like to say that I was letting go of perfection and focusing on what truly mattered for the sake of efficiency, but deep down I know I was trying to be Cormac McCarthy.

I've started the process of moving my blog from Ghost to write.as. Here's the first post I've transferred: Untold Truths About Loss And Grief - write.as/jelacaze/untold-truth

I've never been so excited about the Special Report portion of The Economist before.

Also, the old school white MacBook + Linux = elevated hipster street cred

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