Has anyone actually sold any of their using platforms like or ?

If one has their own domain, server, etc. is there any point to the aforementioned distributors?


@meg I don't have any such experience, but to play devil's advocate:

1. Most Kindle users are likely not tech savvy and may appreciate the ability to download books straight from Kindle.

2. Kindle owners already have an Amazon account and don't have to set up payment/create an account for your book.

3. I'm curious how many readers pay attention to Kindle recommendations. Something to consider/research

@jakelacaze I imagine Amazon keeps the real data on q3 under wraps. I'm not sure but I think the whole business model is not to act as a distributor of anything (although they have commissions to cover costs) but to primarily be an advertising medium. My thoughts are that without buying my way into Kindle recommendations/ads, anything I put there would have the same or less exposure than a personal website.

I hadn't thought about having to pay for ads on Kindle or Amazon, but that makes sense. In that case, I can better see the argument for bootstrapping.

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