Someone in my neighborhood is getting a head start on the Spooky Season pranks. I wonder what else we'll find in our back yard.

"I had a gun in my hand when I decided to finally give that open-mic night a shot. Seven years later, I’m a professional comedian."

This post makes me think of "Something To Love" by Jason Isbell:

I hope you find something to love
Something to do when you feel like giving up
A song to sing or a tale to tell
Something to love, it'll serve you well

Living that cliche artist life at my alma mater, writing underneath a shade tree by the campus fountain. I've written (and deleted) numerous posts about returning "home" over the years, but I'm excited for this one because I think I've given myself much more to work with this go round

Someone asked me if I bleed for my art.

No, but I callous for it, and in 2019, is that not the same thing!?

I love the internet. I do not want it to go away. But this quote does articulate some concerns I've had lately.

10 or so days ago, I decided to again try keeping a daily journal. In the past, I'd made the mistake of keeping a journal to recount the day's events. This time I'm using the practice to summarize the feelings or thoughts of the day, something more philosophical or emotional than purely historical. I did forgetfully skip one night, but so far I'm happy with my practice and really look forward to closing my day with a little reflection.

@matt Can you help me figure out how to add links for About and Contact pages as you have on your page? I've tried searching Google and, but I'm left feeling really dumb for having trouble with this small issue.

I've never been so excited about the Special Report portion of The Economist before.

This old Core Duo MacBook makes a decent writing machine with Ubuntu Mate installed.

Writing Exchange

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