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I love the internet. I do not want it to go away. But this quote does articulate some concerns I've had lately.

After my experiences in the corporate world, I am definitely going to hammer the value of soft skills into my kids' skulls. Soft skills are incredibly valuable and necessary yet criminally underhyped.

I'd heard for years about the supposed effects of journaling by hand before I finally dove in. Now I never want to stop.

I've been working on controlling my attention for a few weeks now. So far, here's what I've accomplished or am working toward:

- Deleted all social apps from phone
- Disabled push notifications except for text messages (hardly anyone texts me, so NBD)
- 10-minute meditation in car before work
- 30-minute walk in neighborhood every day
- Daily journaling with pen and paper

I can't remember the last time my head felt so clear, and I'm still looking at more ways to improve.

Very timely for me:

"Practicing attention management will not eliminate distractions from your day. But as you start to recognize when you become distracted, and build your “attention muscle” through habits like those above, you’ll start to reclaim your life and devote more of yourself to what’s really important to you. Don’t allow distraction to derail your aspirations and intentions. Instead, control your attention to control your life."

Judging by its history of offerings on my Discover Weekly playlist, Spotify thinks I want to hear every cover of "I Wanna Be Adored." I mean, I can't say they're wrong.

I just bought the last Raspberry Pi 4 at the Micro Center in Dallas and just felt I had to tell someone. kthxbye

Anybody want to share your experience, turning your writing into an audiobook-podcast. I'd sure like to hear from the trenches, how it went, what the results were?

I did not expect a story about the AAirpass to be so touching and emotional.

"Grief and death don’t discriminate. Loss — human life, financial wealth, material goods — doesn’t discriminate either. It’s gut-wrenching no matter what. Of course, racial and class privilege, body ability, access to health care and support, and other privileges obviously play a massive role. But the inside spectacle of pain is traumatic across the board."

Jason Isbell is my favorite lyricist going right now, but Sturgill Simpson might be the most interesting artist from a pure sound perspective. I love what he's doing, merging different sounds with country music and pushing the boundaries while holding on to the traditional foundation.

Why libraries are the greatest places on earth:

- books
- free!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- quiet, so quiet, so peaceful is heaven
- people leave you alone
- also movies and computers and things
- staff literally know everything and want you to know everything thanks
- you can stay the whole time they're open and not have to pay anything at all
- you can get lost in the big ones and that's cool
- mmm smells of wisdom

No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

We're seeing plenty studies saying that people don't share their real selves on Facebook and Instagram. That they share only the most positive events in order to give the illusion of happiness and fulfillment. When are we going to see the same data for LinkedIn? It's getting really difficult to Wade through the BS anecdotes lately.

Anyone writing horror or suspense for TV needs to watch the end of episode 2 and the rooftop scene from Chernobyl. The rooftop scene was particularly unnerving without being gory or gimmicky.

10 or so days ago, I decided to again try keeping a daily journal. In the past, I'd made the mistake of keeping a journal to recount the day's events. This time I'm using the practice to summarize the feelings or thoughts of the day, something more philosophical or emotional than purely historical. I did forgetfully skip one night, but so far I'm happy with my practice and really look forward to closing my day with a little reflection.

"The same way we discovered that the sedentary lifestyles of the 20th century required us to physically exert ourselves and work our bodies into healthy shape, I believe we’re on the cusp of discovering a similar necessity for our minds. We need to consciously limit our own comforts. We need to force our minds to strain themselves, to work hard for their information, to deprive our attention of the constant stimulation that it craves."

I enjoy the original Top Gun for what it is. I expected to be underwhelmed when I started the trailer for the 2020 sequel, but I'm in, baby.

I just saw a guy begging for change while wearing a shirt that said TEXAS LAW and thought, Doubt it. Then I realized how much law school costs and said, Maybe.

It may be a bit late, but the wife and I are about to jump on the Chernobyl bandwagon. Much excite.

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