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"I had a gun in my hand when I decided to finally give that open-mic night a shot. Seven years later, I’m a professional comedian."

This post makes me think of "Something To Love" by Jason Isbell:

I hope you find something to love
Something to do when you feel like giving up
A song to sing or a tale to tell
Something to love, it'll serve you well

The exercise of analyzing my time management and prioritizing my tasks continues. Today starts the practice of writing during my lunch break. Everything is gradually falling into place.

The average rate of inflation in the US is a little over 3%. My Lending Club portfolio is earning 3.73%. I should obviously be writing an investment guide.

(/s in case it isn't apparent)

Living that cliche artist life at my alma mater, writing underneath a shade tree by the campus fountain. I've written (and deleted) numerous posts about returning "home" over the years, but I'm excited for this one because I think I've given myself much more to work with this go round

As I get older, I'm realizing more and more just how much of a process and systems guy I am. I need processes and systems that work for me. I need habits and routines that minimize friction. I hope that as I make certain refinements I'll continue to see benefits and improvements.

TIL if I have some things I need to get done around the house, give me a four-day weekend and on the fourth day, I might get off my ass and get moving.

Have I finally found the ideal layout for my desk? Probably not, but it's nice to dream.

Upgrading to a Raspberry PI 4 has reminded me just how much faster USB 3.0 is than USB 2.0.

Tonight, as my LA Tech Bulldogs kick off their 2019 football season, I'm yet again forced to come to terms with my own hypocrisy.

My son has a horrible concept of time. Maybe he's just become unstuck like Billy Pilgrim.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow's jury duty will be a great opportunity to knock out some reading and writing.

I attended a writing group last night and met a girl who writes what she calls "gay hockey fiction". Niche af

This song is so beautiful and perfect, it almost makes me want to get tangled in a good old fashioned southern feud.

My wife's car won't start, so I had to take a Lyft to work and leave my car with her. The negative is that my morning commute is costing me almost $20. The positive is that I don't have to deal with the stress of DFW traffic, so I'm clinging to that narrative.

Someone asked me if I bleed for my art.

No, but I callous for it, and in 2019, is that not the same thing!?

I may never voluntarily listen to Springsteen again, but I'll concede that Nebraska ain't bad.

I frequently champion the values of getting out of your comfort zone and challenging what you think you know, so today I'm putting my money where my mouth is and giving Bruce Springsteen another shot via Nebraska.

In which I go on and on yet again about my love of newly adopted processes and journaling for creativity

I just finished Joan Didion's The Year Of Magical Thinking and am so glad this book exists, as loss and grief are inevitable, no matter the lengths we may go to in order to avoid this truth.

At 4AM, I finally accepted I was unable to go back to sleep. Normally such sleeplessness would be seen as a bad thing, but considering I already got a significant amount of reading and outlining done, I'm kind of thankful the winks stopped early.

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