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words must be said
when certain things are taken

...... except

won't come.

because what was took
was too much
too much
for me to have imagined

crisp, light, bright
silence engulfs the world
I hear your crunching
I see your fall
crisp, light, bright
new day, new layers
untouched, pristine

Heart flutters
Fear seeps in
Out of control
Or has no control
Live in the moment they say
Worry another day
I try to live each moment to its best
I try to push the thoughts and worries away
I have to just focus on myself
I need to actualize who I am
What makes me, me

I love good feelings
Little things go along way
to boost someone's spirits
I am happy
I am blessed with the best cheerleader
I will cherish your spirit and help you reach your heights too
The best way I know how

Dark clouds move in
Absence of warmth and embraces
Breath goes rapid
The universe engulfs
Sorry did I hurt you?

worry festers but my heart cannot

no worries does make my heart light

my worry is my heart can't stay light

worry no more you say

I will try another day

I don't have all the answers
I don't need all the answers
I just need one thing

I need one thing
One thing to get me through the darkness
One thing to keep me out of it
One thing to help me be me

I need a hand, connected to a heart, that helps me stay out of the darkness.

Breath, please come back.
Need air, need love.
Darkness prevails until I find my light.
Sanity, please come back.
Need time, need love.
Thoughts like shards of glass.
Trust, please come back.
Need faith, need love.
Noone wants to hurt.
All the love, please come back.
Need love, need heart.

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unknown feelings how do I find you
where do I look

desire is there around every corner
waiting to be quelled

I see the glance and that toothy grin
have you found your feelings

Sounds gave me pause
I may have found something to feel

patience patience patience
the wait is agonizing
but the reward is ample

hard, sleek, and cold
you give relaxation
I always want you filled

love is so many things
can one ever master the language

a place to collect my thoughts, a place to be myself, a place to share. a person struggling like so many others and finding her own path....please join me on my journey

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