@jpspadaro I did not know what to make of that at first, but it’s compelling very quickly! I admire your commitment to the bit. “A chuckle that sounds like a cough” is particularly good. I like what you’re doing with the variety of imagery, with the sense of a world with an inner logic that half makes sense and half is a Chtullu-ish vision of the world. Good stuff!

@orionkidder Thanks! I have a few years of older material that I haven't done a lot with yet that I'm fusing with some new ideas and expanding on. I feel like I'm building out a lot at this point, and getting comfortable with the format.

@jpspadaro The short-story format? Yes, it’s got it’s own rhythms.

Here’s something of mine that’s kinda sorta similar: gentle parody of a certain kind of SFF setting.

@orionkidder Nah. I've been writing short stories for a while. I have a couple of anthologies on kindle. Blogging a serial fiction is what's new for me. The most recent entry is part of the same continual story line as the previous entries.

@jpspadaro Ah, that’s a whole different beast, yeah. It’s got a specific structure of mini-climaxes that add up to a larger story.

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