full heart. (haiku) 

Wholehearted girl, her
Incompleteness; she sees parts
As her whole weakness.

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Fire, the kids say,
and they don’t mean
the heat

they mean, Fire,
as in something so cool,
nothing competes

#smallpoems for #mastoprompt

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The place I’d always choose;
Is next to you; in your energy.
Together we’ll snooze;
Whilst warming near the #fire
At peace, we’d mostly be;
Putting the world to rights!
Sharing our dreams; drinking tea,
Before we happily retire…
But hold on; we’re not done;
So much, still to do.
No real rest yet; for me or you.
For the overall battles,
Are not yet won;
Perceptions, we’re to change;
Messages to be heard.
Right now, this world’s very strange;
Time to spread the word!

#smallpoems #twinflames

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Being with you
Is like playing with #fire
I feel your warmth
And I burn with desire

Getting too close
Is impossible to resist
Immolation is assured
As we make our tryst


metal dreams. (nonce) 

@dogtrax Thanks, it was metal. 🔥

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After finishing an intensive task, you are finally out the door. The sun is shining; it is the afternoon and there is still time left. There are parked cars, but no one is here. The heat will grow on you eventually. In the silent parking lot, you take a deep breath.

metal dreams. (nonce) 

Nonce poem containing syllables of 4, 2, and 8.

Sleeping dreams on
Lines bearing tarnished words of gold.


More, warm spicy
Crushed cloves, incense
Musk from fall to winter.
Playful floral notes in the springtime
Cheap peach moscato on a hot summer day.

“new follower.” 

A short poem. I had a little fun with this one.


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i hold myself back.
the want, is there
the need.
arrogance, is a flame.
I don't want the attention
to burn.
I want my answers to soothe
not create more
more and more
visceral. I don't want my words to collect
into the pot of bubbling hate.
so i just keep my opinion out
and it hurts,
but the strength in shutting up,
feels like opening.
I can sense the blaze calming,
one more person, listening,
waiting to act,
rather than projecting,
might be how the world wins

fear’s gaze
the mightiest.

stalks its prey
and lurks
out of mind
out of sight.

when the time
is ripe.


Frustrated - when I
Don’t have anything to say?
Lack of words today.

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Finally got @writefreely blog updates working in the !

Before, changing your blog title and description wouldn't update on other instances. Works with Mastodon, but it seems to break (and I haven't tested with other platforms). So I filed an issue: git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple

Mr. Writerman
Tip-tap typing with his smooth,
Uncalloused hands
Press-on-digital typewrite
Quick, on the silver lining
With his silver-tongued,
Serenading plans
To lull his readers under
Nightly spells fueled by
Liquor phished from the kitch’
Pressing all the right notes;
Plays the piano, he can.
Knowing well how to sell
Poetic craft with a perfect pitch.

Hey, Mr. Writerman!
Send me your plan,
Mind if I test those hands?
How quick can you play
Against this wild, pixellated witch
Got the sitch?

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