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thrift store
our stroll in the park
envying the butterfly!


🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 THIS GIRL 👍🏻😏👍🏻

a faint yellow rose
somebody else's
stars appear

the kitten dances
the night turns long…

shop window
silently touching my hand
but you won't be lonely

I go by a lot of names and exist in a lot of places:

this is my literary account which means it is where I talk about writing, and also things i'm reading, and also literature and the english language in general.

i'm currently writing a romance fiction called Vague which you can read here:

…and you can support it on patreon if you want here:

anyone else have those moments where you're looking through your old things and you just sorta. realize how much of your childhood has been lost.

writing in cursive feels so amazing i strongly endorse it

code program 

You looked over at Riko. This wasn't how she had anticipated this conversation going.

Of course Riko had a crush on Chika. Who didn't, tbh??!?! But somehow, instead of confronting her about it like she had intended, You had found herself opening up about her _own_ attraction, and something about this situation of shared thirst was, well…


You felt herself blushing. She glanced away. “Yeah. Chika-chan's great,” she said softly.

_You're pretty great too, Riko-chan,_ she thought.

who tf is Louis Vuitton and why do you expect me to know who that is

go ahead, make love!
somebody else's
catching the moon

spring sunlight
and sunlight
i feel about average

the blue sky
not at all bothered
suddenly the sea

the lover cat
seated in the falling dusk
make love

yall: *writes fast*
me: ah but have you tried, "writes slow"??!

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