I've started telling myself I'll continue my novel as soon as I get a new laptop. There's nothing wrong with my current laptop, just need to stop making excuses and actually .

Playing with the and has been a lot of fun, but my word count has not been going up 😿

I received my today, and I think I just lost because all I want to do now is program and play on it... Do 50,000 word programs count?

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I didn't buy any candy. We've never had trick or treaters, but this year I'm worried any trick or treaters might be setup for extra disappointment 😿

I need to take some thought organization classes and get better at time tracking/focus hours 😅. I'm trying to focus on my NaNoWriMo, but Open Source has also bee a lot of fun. I noticed there no light-weight local grammar checking software for . I'm thinking of writing something I'm calling not-quite-a-grammar checker. But I shouldn't start work on it until after

Day 4 of

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I finally got the time to update the Rust bindings of GTK 4 to the latest release. Let the fun part begin!

I found one of my old journals. It was a project I titled . I think I'm going to try picking it up again. And with that, that's what my Day 3 of is about. write.as/thiefmd/i-found-my-ol

Day 2 of : write.as/thiefmd/on-communicat
Someone once told me if you want to do , work behind an LLC. At what point should building and sharing something for fun become a corporation? I mean, I've never worried that The Lego Group is going to sue me for mixing packs and not following the instructions 😰

These are the fears and thoughts running through my mind. Thanks for reading, and I'm open to hearing any advice!

I saw , and yesterday some people said they write for themselves. I figured the hashtag seemed like a good place for to to try to do that, just write what I want to write and whatever comes.

For Day 1, I would argue that is the Spice of Life: write.as/thiefmd/is-pumpkin-th

I'll also use a few days to let you know how my is going.

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After a long summer of work, our iOS app is dropping today! Keep an eye out for our announcement soon.

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And now that I have the template done, here's one for the 25-days-of-writing in "winter"


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Hey everyone! I'm new to mastodon and the writing.exchange. I'm a software developer trying to get into creative writing.

I'm hoping to do this year 🤔, but I don't think I've written anything over 10,000 words before...

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